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Be proactive against COVID👊

– Do you find yourself talking about Covid a lot ❓– Do you think and worry about it a lot ❓ – Are you nervous with your kids back to school ❓ – Do you feel extra stressed lately ❓ Personally, I don’t like to talk about Covid too much because it usually ramps up […]

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I’m still SHOCKED by my recent diagnosis

I am normally faithful with my annual checkups but I’m a little behind this year. Anyway, I am not worried – I am the picture of health and I feel fricking amazing! Right?I haven’t had labs in two years and I changed insurance so I am seeing a new P.A. who is holistic with her […]

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Want to try more PLANT BASED meals? 🥬

Have you ever wondered if a plant based diet could help you?If I was a betting person, my money is on YES.  There’s no need to go to extremes and change your diet completely.  Today, I just want to introduce you to some simple tools to go in the right direction. As a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal […]

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Not sure if you have hormone imbalances?

Are your health issues (and inability to lose weight) related to hormones?It’s a great question! When trying to lose weight, too many woman focus on the wrong stuff.  They master the world of calories, carb portions, and more exercise.Well guess what… this will only send you in the opposite direction! Eye opener…Yes, most woman struggle with […]

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“17 Second Rule” that can change your life!

Stop what you’re doing right now and think of something that makes you smile. Have you heard of the 17 Second Rule?Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and you will attract more of that feeling.    So let’s take today as an example.  Maybe you are hyperfocusing on the news and you are quite worried. What […]

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3 Biggest Time Wasters (when trying to lose weight)

As a busy nutritionist and health coach, some things have become crystal clear.  Almost all people who struggle with weight loss have something in common… They seem to be zapping their time, energy and motivation with daily patterns that are sabotaging their progress. So, if you feel like you’re working too hard on your nutrition and it’s becoming […]

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“Once I lose the weight, I’ll…”

Do you find yourself always waiting?“When I lose the weight… I’ll treat myself to new clothes.”“When I lose the weight… I’ll sign up for that 5K race I’ve always wanted to do.”“When my life calms down… I’ll dedicate more time to my health.” Carpe Diem my friends! If you are always thinking ahead and putting extra […]

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Does your weight tend to fluctuate day to day (with NO real reason)?

Have you ever worked really hard to slim down for a vacation? During vacay, you let loose and indulge in too much food and alcohol (we all do!).Instead of gaining a pound or two, you look at the scale at home, and you gained 5-10 pounds!Can you relate? Why do you think this happens?Do you think it’s because […]

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Are you in tune with your body?

Your body is giving you cues and talking to you all the time. Are you listening or are you ignoring? Truly think about it… Here are 4 common scenarios.  Maybe you can relate: In the afternoons around 3/4:00, you tend to feel sleepy.  Do you just work through it with a cup of coffee?  OR have you […]

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“My Metabolism is Broken”

“My metabolism is broken”… Is this an ongoing thought for you?? So many of my clients tell me this: “I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I just have a slow metabolism”  “Diets work for other people but not for me.” “This diet used to work and now it no longer works.” I’m […]

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