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Be proactive against COVID👊

– Do you find yourself talking about Covid a lot ❓– Do you think and worry about it a lot ❓ – Are you nervous with your kids back to school ❓ – Do you feel extra stressed lately ❓ Personally, I don’t like to talk about Covid too much because it usually ramps up […]

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I’m still SHOCKED by my recent diagnosis

I am normally faithful with my annual checkups but I’m a little behind this year. Anyway, I am not worried – I am the picture of health and I feel fricking amazing! Right?I haven’t had labs in two years and I changed insurance so I am seeing a new P.A. who is holistic with her […]

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Want to try more PLANT BASED meals? 🥬

Have you ever wondered if a plant based diet could help you?If I was a betting person, my money is on YES.  There’s no need to go to extremes and change your diet completely.  Today, I just want to introduce you to some simple tools to go in the right direction. As a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal […]

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Not sure if you have hormone imbalances?

Are your health issues (and inability to lose weight) related to hormones? It’s a great question! When trying to lose weight, too many woman focus on the wrong stuff.  They master the world of calories, carb portions, and more exercise. Well guess what… this will only send you in the opposite direction! Eye opener… Yes, most […]

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“My Metabolism is Broken”

“My metabolism is broken”… Is this an ongoing thought for you?? So many of my clients tell me this: “I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I just have a slow metabolism”  “Diets work for other people but not for me.” “This diet used to work and now it no longer works.” I’m […]

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Science Behind Alcohol Affecting Your Sleep

We may be craving alcohol to help cope with stress, boredom, or maybe for some fun. Back in the day, I used to be a party girl – I get it. I fight these urges all the time.  What has helped me is understanding how alcohol affects my health and my metabolism.  For instance, I […]

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4 Tips to Get to Bed Earlier and Quality Sleep

Science has proven that getting enough quality sleep enhances our ability to make good decisions, stabilizes emotions, boosts immune function, and regulates our appetite. Your body and metabolism crave regular sleep patterns with at least 7 hours of sleep (for most people).  It is beneficial to maintain healthy evening and morning routines for consistent sleep […]

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Sugar Intake Related to Joint Pain

I love it when my clients have realizations and epiphanies.  As they change their daily patterns and improve their nutrition, they start to become mindful of how they feel related to their habits.  In one week, I once had four clients tell me that their significant joint pain went away (almost completely) once they minimized […]

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Dropping Pounds VS. Revamping Your Metabolism?

I am very passionate about this topic.  In fact, it’s the backbone of all my programs and services. Sunshine Wellness Mission is to help motivated women who are fed up with dieting to regain control of their metabolism and daily routines.  We promise no more hamster wheel of self deprivation…fatigue…disappointment.  Instead, we provide realistic programs […]

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Create a Healthy Morning Routine

Envision this dreamy situation…You go to bed early and sleep well.  When you wake up, you feel rested.  You get up before anyone else in the household for some quality alone time.   You start out your morning with a short meditation to clear your mind.  You have enough time to review your schedule and plan […]

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