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I came to Betsy for nutritional consulting to support my training regimen for the World Indoor Rowing Championships.  Betsy provided me a highly detailed daily meal plan that scheduled specific foods at the critical time so that I got the most benefit out of my 2 hours per day training sessions.  I immediately noticed the improvement in my practice sessions and recovery period.  I highly recommend Betsy’s services, she played a huge role in my success.

Jeff Julian, Gold and Bronze medalist, 2018 World Indoor Rowing Championships

Betsy Markle, in my opinion, is the new shining star in my life (& in our community). I attended one of her meal-planning workshops recently and followed it up with a complete revamping of my pantry and refrigerator. I can feel the energy change already. She also visited my Sport Psychology class at FIT, speaking to the many student athletes who were missing the important links between nutrition and performance. They were completely engaged in her presentation and I was impressed by the interactive dialogue that took learning to their individual, personal levels. The thing I love most about Betsy is that she seems to GLOW with health, the best testimony of all to her expertise. When you meet with her for your first session, you will know what I mean. A treasure found!

Dr Virginia Savage, Sports Psychologist

People always ask how I lost 65 pounds and how I am maintaining it. It hasn’t been an easy journey but Betsy’s Workbook sums it up perfectly. Nutrition Simplified is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to lose weight properly and keep it off. For busy moms like me, my favorite parts are the simple food shopping guides and meal ideas.

Julissa Valerjev, R.N. & Mom

I needed an easy to nutrition program that virtually guaranteed my success. After reviewing many, I discovered Sunshine Wellness. During the 9 Day Detox Program, I lost 8 pounds (and that was without exercising – through diet only!). I no longer have cravings for sweets and I now eat only what my body needs. Even one month after the program, I don’t binge eat or yearn for sugar. I recommend Betsy’s program to anyone who wants to change their nutrition and lifestyle habits, but doesn’t know where to start.

Dr James Neary D.C.

Nutrition Simplified Workbook is my travel companion at home and work because I use the nutrition resources and guides daily. Betsy’s program makes it effortless to stay on track. Her 7 steps are easy to follow and all the information is spelled out clearly so there is no longer any mystery about my diet and nutrition. Betsy’s expertise and her workbook have changed my life dramatically in just 4 weeks. Thank you Betsy!

Kristine Castillo, Whole Foods Chef

I use Betsy’s recipes all the time because they are simple, delicious and budget friendly. As a very busy mom of three and a teacher, time is limited, but eating healthy is really important to me.  I also purchase all of my families’ supplements from her.  I know that Betsy has done all the research, so I feel confident with all her products.  Thanks for all of the advice, nutritional tips, and delicious healthy recipes!

Kate Stefancik, Parent of 3 and Teacher

As a Spa Director, I have access to the latest and greatest health and wellness products. The best discovery for me this year was Sunshine Wellness. Betsy’s Detox Programs are based on solid science which is very important to me. I was also impressed with how easy the detox was to follow (loved the shopping list and recipes). I was delighted to discover that I had more energy than usual and I was never hungry – not even at night which tends to be a tough time for me. Betsy’s support post-detox was simple yet very thorough helping me embrace and stay on track with my new eating habits. I can’t wait to introduce my Spa guests to Sunshine Wellness!

Yvonne Smith, Spa Director for La Rive Spa, a nationally recognized luxury spa located at the 4 diamond Northern Quest Resort

I am very impressed with Betsy’s knowledge and expertise. She is a realistic nutritionist and that makes her programs very achievable. Her workbook is excellent! It is comprehensive yet simple to follow. I have given her book to many of my patients because the information helps them heal faster. And, I had a great experience with her detox program. Again, it was realistic and easy to follow and I felt great after. In fact, I have changed many of my eating habits based on Betsy’s workbook and detox program. I highly recommend her!

Jean Drummond, L.Ac., Acupuncturist/Herbalist


I have had the pleasure of working with Betsy for over five years. She has not only demonstrated an incredible passion for being a Registered Dietitian, but has continued to be a visionary in the health and wellness industry. Her talent to connect with individuals and her attention to detail, as seen in her workbook, are some of the reasons why I will always refer clients to Betsy. Recently, I did one of her detox programs and was very pleased with the results. Betsy made the process easy to execute, and I was empowered to rid the sugar and processed food from my diet…forever. I’m excited to continue my working relationship with Betsy for many years to come and confidently recommend her to all of our clients.

Jason Baker, Nationally known Trainer & President of Fitness 805

I have just completed the 9 Day Detox Program that Betsy designed for the second time. As a woman who is passionate about clean diet and exercise, it’s amazing how much better I feel during and after this detox program. Betsy’s sample menu, recipe ideas, shopping list, great tasting shake, and her support make this the best detox around! Her support and care for you as an individual sets her apart from any health professional or nutritionist that I have ever met. I have met many people in the last few years with regard to my health and diet, and Betsy has out-shined them all!

Kelly Castle, businesswoman and marathon runner

I eat pretty healthy but Betsy’s detox program helped me take my body and nutrition habits to another level. One of my favorite benefits is my allergy relief. I have always suffered from allergies & would have to take medication to get through the spring and fall…I have not taken any allergy medicine since I did the detox. Betsy’s detox programs are easy and enjoyable to follow because the menu, recipe ideas and shakes are delicious. And if you have questions, Betsy is always providing support and offers great recipes and tips after the detox.

Amy Sue Smith, Owner of Sol Luna Yoga

Working with Betsy has changed my life. When I follow the nutrition and supplement plan that she has developed for me, I feel energized, healthy, and in control. And so far, I have lost 30 pounds! I LOVED Betsy’s 9-Day Detox! I was hesitant to try it because I have occasional low blood sugar but I felt satisfied and did not have any negative side effects. Having a set meal plan and shopping list made cooking so easy. I’m now continuing the shake on a daily basis and will definitely do the full detox again in the future. Thank you Betsy for all your help!

Denise Valenti, Mom & businesswoman

I was amazed how quickly my body changed when following Betsy’s Workbook. Not just physically, but all my symptoms (headaches, acne, GI issues and mood swings) minimized in the first week! The resources are simple to follow and I love all the meal and snack ideas. If you follow Betsy’s 7 easy steps and utilize her resources, it will change your life.

Cori Stagg, R.N.

I am eternally grateful for Betsy’s expertise. Through nutritional consulting and GI testing, we determined I was intolerant to gluten and other foods I had been eating regularly. Within a short period of time, I started losing weight, lost my severe sugar addiction, and became comfortable with food again. My blood sugar has stabilized and I have a lot more energy. I am finally in control and have my body back. Betsy has always been kind, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable – thank you for all your support!

Judith Smith, Meditation Teacher and Author






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