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Does your weight tend to fluctuate day to day (with NO real reason)?

Have you ever worked really hard to slim down for a vacation? During vacay, you let loose and indulge in too much food and alcohol (we all do!).Instead of gaining a pound or two, you look at the scale at home, and you gained 5-10 pounds!Can you relate? Why do you think this happens?Do you think it’s because […]

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Are you in tune with your body?

Your body is giving you cues and talking to you all the time. Are you listening or are you ignoring? Truly think about it… Here are 4 common scenarios.  Maybe you can relate: In the afternoons around 3/4:00, you tend to feel sleepy.  Do you just work through it with a cup of coffee?  OR have you […]

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Does it feel impossible to rev your metabolism because of your picky family?

Gain control of your health and say NO to making multiple dinners every night!  Say NO to too much takeout!  “What’s for dinner mom?”You are trying to be healthy.  Your husband wants meat and potatoes.  Your kids want mac and cheese.Sometimes it easier to throw in the towel and get takeout. As a mom of […]

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How to get rid of Muffin Top

Jean season is almost upon us(aka the WORST muffin top offender in fashion history) But seriously, who’s looking to drop inches and finally feel comfortable in jeans this season? The problem is, we’ve tried our hand at this “how to lose belly fat” mission before… Most online searches yield the typical advice: 30 days to […]

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“My Metabolism is Broken”

“My metabolism is broken”… Is this an ongoing thought for you?? So many of my clients tell me this: “I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I just have a slow metabolism”  “Diets work for other people but not for me.” “This diet used to work and now it no longer works.” I’m […]

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How to Plan a Healthy Vacation (with a Simple Checklist)

I think we are all familiar with this scenario: So excited for vacay!…  You cram in work and packing and then you are ready to hit it hard…  You play hard, drink lots, and eat too much…  Vacation isn’t as much fun when you are bloated and tired…  When you get home, you need another […]

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Science Behind Alcohol Affecting Your Sleep

We may be craving alcohol to help cope with stress, boredom, or maybe for some fun. Back in the day, I used to be a party girl – I get it. I fight these urges all the time.  What has helped me is understanding how alcohol affects my health and my metabolism.  For instance, I […]

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4 Tips to Get to Bed Earlier and Quality Sleep

Science has proven that getting enough quality sleep enhances our ability to make good decisions, stabilizes emotions, boosts immune function, and regulates our appetite. Your body and metabolism crave regular sleep patterns with at least 7 hours of sleep (for most people).  It is beneficial to maintain healthy evening and morning routines for consistent sleep […]

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3 Solutions to Realign Your Mind, Health and Future

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, here is a tool to help reverse these emotions.  It’s called the Law of Attraction.  I believe in it 100% because it works!  The Law of Attraction is quite simple…What you think and more importantly, what you feel is what you will attract more of in your life.   Here are two common examples: If you are watching […]

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Pre-Party Snack

If you are the social type (eating out with fiends and dinner parties), all I have for you is two words (or 2.5 words): Pre-Party Snack.  If you eat a healthy balanced snack before you leave for the party or event, I personally guarantee that you will make better decisions!   The term “Pre-Party Snack” or […]

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