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Metabolism Mojo Coaching Program

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Dang, we love what we do!

And our #1 way we help our clients transform their lives is through our Metabolism Mojo Coaching Program.

Our Metabolism Mojo Coaching Program is for YOU if…

  • You struggle with motivation and maintaining healthy habits.
  • You are ready to lose weight the right way, without deprivation and negative self talk.
  • You are unable to gain control of your health and struggle with frequent issues, like cravings, fatigue, GI problems, joint pain, or headaches.
  • You are ready to stop doing all of the things that don’t work and focus on a proven system that does work.

Our Metabolism Mojo Coaching Program is NOT for you, if…

  • You are looking for a quick fix to drop fast weight.
  • You are NOT committed to your health.
  • You are NOT open minded to holistic health and mental health.
  • You are NOT willing to be patient with yourself.

Metabolism Mojo is a 3-month program combining weekly coaching with our fool-proof learning system.  With our personalized support, our clients feel and see improvements fast. 

Here are a few of the bells and whistles of our proven Metabolism Mojo system:

  • Custom menu planning
  • Properly portioned and balanced meals for your needs
  • Simple kid and husband approved recipes
  • Personalized exercise plan
  • Wellness organizational system
  • Stress management and mindset tools that actually works
  • Weekly meetings, support, and accountability

But honestly, you get so much more!  You get a high-level, proven step-by-step system to help transform your body, your health, your mindset, and your life (forever).  You get 12 weeks of fun without judgment.  You get expert support and a sisterhood of motivated women.

In just a few weeks, our clients are pleasantly shocked how:  

  • They are eating more than they used to and yet consistently losing weight.
  • They feel fulfilled and cravings are minimized.
  • They no longer have the 3pm slump and their energy is so much better.
  • They are shifting their negative self talk and feeling happier.

I’ve been on Betsy’s program for 3 weeks now. I am eating more than ever before, which includes more carbs than I ever thought was legal.  And I’m doing less cardio and it’s actually hard to believe but the pounds are melting off. 1 lb per week.  I have so much more energy and I no longer feel out of control with cravings.


Guess what?!?  You get to create your future and live life to the fullest. 

What does this look like for you?  

Maybe it’s appreciating your body and being active daily, running when you want and not being glued to the couch feeling lazy.  For some people, they just want the energy and spunk to play with their kids or grandkids for a full day without pain and exhaustion.   Others love to travel and want to plan their dream trips with confidence.  To know that you will have the stamina to fully enjoy new adventures and actually be excited for photos.