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Do your ears perk up when you hear of a new diet? 🍩

One of my coaching clients made this profound statement that might make you rethink dieting. “I no longer have FOMO (fear of missing out) of crash diets.  I’m not even interested!” I am sure we can all relate to these scenarios:😵  You’re talking with your neighbor about how she dropped 20 pounds in the last few […]

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Do you feel sluggish on a daily basis? 😞

~Do you feel sluggish on a daily basis? ❌  Like your body feels way older than your actual age.❌  You feel unmotivated all daily and have lost your MOJO.❌  You want to workout but when the time comes, you talk yourself out of it because you are exhausted.❌  You try to prep ahead and eat […]

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Be proactive against COVID👊

– Do you find yourself talking about Covid a lot ❓– Do you think and worry about it a lot ❓ – Are you nervous with your kids back to school ❓ – Do you feel extra stressed lately ❓ Personally, I don’t like to talk about Covid too much because it usually ramps up […]

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Are you Type A Personality❓❓

It’s important to know your personality style because it can have a profound impact on your health! So, are you Type 🅰 or Type 🅱 Personality or a combination 🆎? Type A:In general, Type A individuals are usually described as: highly organized, competitive, outgoing, anxious, impatient, high achiever, concerned with time management, high expectations and a […]

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Kids back to school… Time to create YOUR healthy routine 🌟

This time of year is my favorite!!! I love my kids and I love summer but I am so-o-o ready for some “Betsy Time”, quiet time to think and create healthy routines that bring me joy.  I know I am a better mom and health coach when I am consistent with these healthy patterns. So, […]

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Take this quick quiz to access your metabolism 💢

Do you have a damaged metabolism? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ This is a tricky question because there is no lab test that will give you a clear answer. It’s more of an intuitive question.  We are not diagnosing a disease.  Instead, I want you to pay closer attention to how you feel (all the time) so you can be […]

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I am a Nutritionist and this is my typical menu plan

Ever wonder what a nutritionist eats? I wrote a similar article before that got a great response. Since my life is always changing, thought I’d share my newest staple meals and ideas. Just to give you some background…I have 3 kids (7, 11 and 14) that play sports so that alone keeps me BUSY. I […]

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Turn your excuses into something positive 👍

You are the architect of your future.  Let’s create a life that feels good and you are proud of! People always tell me that I am so calm 🙏, so happy 😁, and they are impressed with my organized home and healthy habits for my family. I couldn’t be any more proud of this life I […]

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Do you set a daily intention? 💥

So many people just jump into their day. Their schedule is set.  They packed water and snacks.  They are ready BUT they have not set an intention for their day. This is a logical way of looking at it 🤔:– If you set an intention, you are creating a roadmap for your day.– If you got […]

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Do you struggle with emotional eating?

We did a recent survey and asked: What’s the main mindset hurdle that you struggle with?It was a landslide… People struggle most with Emotional Eating. I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast and she said something that clicked about emotional eating: “As I get older, I can feel my body making shifts.  Everything is […]

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