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Dropping Pounds VS. Revamping Your Metabolism?

I am very passionate about this topic.  In fact, it’s the backbone of all my programs and services.

Sunshine Wellness Mission is to help motivated women who are fed up with dieting to regain control of their metabolism and daily routines.  We promise no more hamster wheel of self deprivation…fatigue…disappointment.  Instead, we provide realistic programs to revive your metabolism through balancing blood sugar and hormones.

I have no problem when someone wants to lose weight and drop pounds.  What matters to me is how they plan on getting there.  Any drastic measures, like an extreme diet, deprivation, over exercising, and obsessing about calories and weight, will only hurt your metabolism and your morale.  Let’s be real…it does not sound fun or sustainable.

Another key concept to understand is goal setting.  So many people tell me their goal is to lose 20 pounds (this is just an example number).  It’s important to clarify that dropping weight is not a goal.  A real goal requires a specific action and realistic time frame.  Here are a few examples of quality goals:

  • I will eat within 1 hour of waking Monday-Friday for the next month.
  • I will meditate for at least 5 minutes everyday for the next 3 months.

So instead of hyperfocusing on losing weight (which is useless), it is so much more important to learn how to revive your metabolism.  Believe me…it’s way more fun, it feels great and it’s totally sustainable.  Here is my Unique Nutrition Philosophy about healing your metabolism and here are my programs and services to help guide you through your wellness journey.

In case you are looking for more detailed tips, here are some of my favorite key concepts to implement:



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