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Sugar Intake Related to Joint Pain

I love it when my clients have realizations and epiphanies.  As they change their daily patterns and improve their nutrition, they start to become mindful of how they feel related to their habits. 

In one week, I once had four clients tell me that their significant joint pain went away (almost completely) once they minimized sugar in their diet.  My clients were able to ditch the ibuprofen and weekly chiropractor visits.  They were able to walk, lift weights and even run without pain.  It was life changing for my clients.

I truly listen to my clients and to be honest, I have seen many other benefits from minimizing sugar.  More often, people usually feel stable energy, they sleep better, have less bloat, and improved skin.  Now I am excited to add “decreased joint pain” to the list.  

I’d like to take a step back and look at the big picture.  In order to reduce inflammation, see true weight loss (that stays off) and prevent disease, you need to heal or improve your metabolism.  Step one is to be more mindful of your daily habits and patterns.  Here’s a little homework assignment: 

  1. Notice how you feel when your nutrition, exercise and sleep are on point.
  2. Notice how you feel when you are stressed, skipping meals and eating out all the time.  Just be mindful.

Reducing sugar is only one small piece of the puzzle.  Our diet and environment are filled with toxic ingredients that slow down your metabolism.  If you’d like to clean up your diet and jumpstart your metabolism, you need to checkout my 9 Day Detox Program: Detox Mojo.  Just to put your mind at ease, you are eating food throughout my 9 day detox😊.

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