Not sure if you have hormone imbalances?

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Not sure if you have hormone imbalances?

Are your health issues (and inability to lose weight) related to hormones?
It’s a great question!

When trying to lose weight, too many woman focus on the wrong stuff.  They master the world of calories, carb portions, and more exercise.
Well guess what… this will only send you in the opposite direction!

Eye opener…
Yes, most woman struggle with weight due to hormone imbalances!
I’ve worked with an endocrinologist for 20 years and I could talk forever about this topic but for today, let’s keep it simple stupid (KISS technique).

There are 2 opposite paths that you can take:

  1. Mainstream Dieting Techniques:  Like I said, this usually entails calorie restricting, limiting carbs, and more exercise.  Living with these extremes usually feels forced (and temporary).  I am here to tell you that these “diet” methods will only exacerbate hormonal imbalance by increasing cortisol (your main stress hormone).  End result = Your metabolism becomes damaged and slows down and you feel crappy (more and more symptoms).  Along with weight gain, common hormonal symptoms include anxiety, low energy, moodiness, joint pain, sleep problems, and skin issues. 
  2. Nurturing Technique: This is the opposite of “deprivation and pushing the body”.  In my mind, this is the only way to balance the hormones and truly HEAL the metabolism.  This includes listening to your body, being kind to your body and mind, giving that monkey brain some peace, eating enough food to fuel your metabolism, finding balance with your nutrition, exercise and all lifestyle habits. 

So which path makes more sense?
Which path would feel better?
Which path is sustainable?
If you need help finding the right path for you, I am here to help! 
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