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4 Tips to Get to Bed Earlier and Quality Sleep

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Science has proven that getting enough quality sleep enhances our ability to make good decisions, stabilizes emotions, boosts immune function, and regulates our appetite.

Your body and metabolism crave regular sleep patterns with at least 7 hours of sleep (for most people).  It is beneficial to maintain healthy evening and morning routines for consistent sleep patterns. 

If the body is sleep deprived, you will be more likely to make unhealthy decisions and your stress hormones will be activated, which results in weight gain down the road.

  • Start winding down earlier than you usually do. This means avoiding screen time for at least one hour before you want to be asleep.  No more snoozing on the sofa with TV on.
  • Create some bedtime rituals. Dim the lights. Play mellow music. Read a playful book. Stretch your body. Take a hot bath. Set out your clothes for the next day.  Write in your journal.  Committing to a bedtime routine will help cue your body to prepare for sleep.
  • Find a way to fall asleep quickly. Guided meditation apps, calming essential oils, eye pillow, white noise machine.  Even just focusing on your breathing can help you drift off.
  • Use a pleasant alarm. Since your new wake time may be earlier than normal, make sure you don’t hate your alarm noise.  Pick something mellow, like classical music or chimes. If you use your phone for the alarm and meditation app, make sure to keep on silent, face down, and adjust the brightness (Night Shift setting on iPhone). 
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