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I’m still SHOCKED by my recent diagnosis

I am normally faithful with my annual checkups but I’m a little behind this year. Anyway, I am not worried – I am the picture of health and I feel fricking amazing! Right?I haven’t had labs in two years and I changed insurance so I am seeing a new P.A. who is holistic with her approach. I am so grateful that I found her because she is thorough and very proactive when analyzing labs.Soooo… My labs looked perfect EXCEPT my anti-thyroid antibodies (Anti-TPO) are high. Basically, this means that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid and leads to hypothyroid (underactive thyroid), as well as a plethora of symptoms and a damaged metabolism. If I had to guess, I believe my autoimmune disease surfaced with the birth of Rosie (my spitfire). She was a TOUGH pregnancy and a colicky baby. And she was born the same week my Dad passed. Autoimmune conditions are more likely to become unleashed during times of extreme stress and major shifts in hormones (pregnancy/menopause).


My thyroid seems to be in great shape considering that my body has been in attack mode with this condition for 8 years. I know this because my overall thyroid labs are perfect and I am not displaying any symptoms.I am so fortunate to live, teach and love “the healthy life”. As a nutritionist and health coach who practices what I teach, I have been able to keep my thyroid safe.Most patients with Hashimoto’s automatically go on thyroid medication (and stay on forever). Since my thyroid is not damaged and I am proactive with my health, I hope, hope, hope to avoid lifelong medication.One more positive… Now I get to learn more about this condition that is quite common among women aged 40-60. As an educator, I plan on sharing this journey with you.Even though I have already helped a ton of clients suffering from Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions, I’m diving in deeper. I got my highlighter out and notepad ready and I’ve already made some lifestyle shifts. I am making one change at a time while monitoring my thyroid antibodies. Hashimoto’s disease will never go away but I hope to keep it dormant forever.


  1. With all autoimmune conditions, it’s essential to keep the immune system and stress hormones calm. This means controlling emotional and physical stress. This is what I do with all my clients. We keep the blood sugar stable with balanced nutrition through the day. We create realistic systems to stay consistent with nutrition, exercise and self care. We add in meditation and daily practices to help calm the mind and body.
  2. All autoimmune conditions lead back to the gut too. If the digestive tract is not working properly, it throws off the immune system, mental health, and endocrine system (hormones) which will exacerbate all symptoms. Another important thing to note is that gluten is a known trigger that flares the immune response – best to stay away.Hashimoto’s is sooooo much more complicated than my two keys but I promise to continue sharing my journey and any pearls of wisdom. By the way, I am currently reading Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause (by Izabella Wentz). It’s been an awesome resource.
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