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Is it helpful to Count Calories?

My client just asked me last night…“I still need to count calories on your program, right? Everyone knows that Calories in = Calories out.” She is a long-term dieter.  She continually researches every diet plan out there and has tried tons.  This is the only science that makes sense to her so she keeps coming […]

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Are your EXCUSES legit?

I see a lot of excuses used for why people continue on the same unhealthy cycles that sabotage their health.Have you ever met that person who has an excuse for everything?Maybe YOU are struggling right now and have a lot of excuses too? I know this may sound harsh and I know that some excuses […]

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Do you find yourself rebelling after a healthy week?

So many people seem to veer to extremes.  Do you?Can you relate?… The obvious one is yo-yo dieting or following an extreme diet plan, like keto. Exercising hard but not fueling properly. Maybe you work too much and it’s hard for you to squeeze in quality family time and self care. Going to sleep late […]

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Step-by-Step Menu Planning

There are so many cookie cutter diets and menu plans out there.  Most are extreme.  Some are for building muscle, detoxing, weight loss, heart disease, and many of them are not even healthy.  So, what is right for YOU? The more important question is… How do you create a menu plan that is personalized for YOU (your […]

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My New Year’s Resolution (Meditate for 365 straight days)

Five years ago, my new year’s resolution was to start meditating.  To be precise, my goal was to meditate every day for one year. Did I accomplish my goal and meditate for 365 days straight? No, but I was faithful with my meditation practice 90% of the time and I am proud of that! Here’s a […]

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#1 Best Tip for Getting UNSTUCK

THERE IS MORE FOR YOU! Let me ask you something…When’s the last time you backed up, looked at your life or your health and thought, “I am killing it”?Where every goal you set, you reached.When you felt the healthy, positive momentum. If you can’t remember the last time you were in this “zone”, the next question […]

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“17 Second Rule” that can change your life!

Stop what you’re doing right now and think of something that makes you smile. Have you heard of the 17 Second Rule?Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and you will attract more of that feeling.    So let’s take today as an example.  Maybe you are hyperfocusing on the news and you are quite worried. What […]

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3 Biggest Time Wasters (when trying to lose weight)

As a busy nutritionist and health coach, some things have become crystal clear.  Almost all people who struggle with weight loss have something in common… They seem to be zapping their time, energy and motivation with daily patterns that are sabotaging their progress. So, if you feel like you’re working too hard on your nutrition and it’s becoming […]

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“Once I lose the weight, I’ll…”

Do you find yourself always waiting?“When I lose the weight… I’ll treat myself to new clothes.”“When I lose the weight… I’ll sign up for that 5K race I’ve always wanted to do.”“When my life calms down… I’ll dedicate more time to my health.” Carpe Diem my friends! If you are always thinking ahead and putting extra […]

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Why is it EASY for certain people to reach their health goals?

The people who can SEE THE VISION are the ones who succeed! Last week, we did a 2 minute visualization exercise, which is so powerful.  Here’s the link in case you missed it. I am continuing on this topic because a new year is coming up.  Instead of boring new year’s resolutions and goals that rarely […]

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