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How long does it take to lose weight?

The process of losing weight can be an emotional rollercoaster.  

➡️ It usually starts with frustration.  Every time you look in the mirror or try on an old outfit that does not fit anymore, the negative self talk and frustration kick in.  

➡️ So this prompts you to do something about it.  

➡️ And then… There are literally thousands of different paths that you can take to lose weight.

So, if you were to ask me this common question – How long does it take me to lose weight?

My answer depends on two very important things: Your level of metabolic damage & Your path to lose weight.

Without these key pieces of information, you are basically on a blind treasure hunt.

#1.  Your Level of Metabolic Damage

Recently, I wrote an article about rating yourself on the Metabolism Scale (assessing your level of metabolic damage).  Take a look and see where you are.   If you have a “healthy” (non-damaged) metabolism, you will most likely respond well to any weight loss technique (in the beginning).  But after a while, your body may feel energy fluctuations, hangry, moody, and out of control with cravings.  These are all signs of unstable blood sugar and hormones, which will damage the metabolism (in the long run).   If you already have a damaged or slow metabolism, any extreme dieting technique (aka intermittent fasting, keto, extreme exercise) will activate stress hormones and further damage the metabolism.  For these people, diet techniques that used to drop pounds, not longer work. In fact, these diets can have the opposite effect, packing on extra weight.

#2.  Your Path to Lose Weight

I want to be super clear.  I do not recommend extreme diets, fasts, pills, injections, and over-the-top workout routines.  Not only are these unsustainable but they destabilize the blood sugar, activate stress hormones, and damage the metabolism.

If these extreme paths are off the table, here are some helpful strategies to pick the right path for you:   Make sure that you find a plan that is personalized for you (your goals, your health concerns, your schedule, your preferences, your family dynamic).If you have a perfectionist mindset or tend to go all-or-nothing, then you need a step-by-step learning system that is not overwhelming.

Balance is the key.  Try to include these key areas to heal your metabolism: balanced nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, mindset, and organization.

You may need consistent accountability and support so you don’t quit again and again (every time something goes wrong)?

And remember… Whatever path you pick has to feel right.  It has to feel nurturing and sustainable, so you want to stick with it.  

So back to it – How long does it take me to lose weight?

Here’s the real deal answer – I don’t know (do you hate me?😡)

I’ll try to give you a clearer time frame.

If you have a damaged metabolism, no doubt, it will take longer to lose weight.  WHY?  Because you need to heal the metabolism first (by stabilizing blood sugar and hormones), then the weight will start to come off.  It takes time and patience but it is so worth it (you never have to diet again).    

We have MANY clients with a damaged metabolism and we track their progress. When losing weight the right way, on average, these people lose approximately 5-12 pounds during our 3-month program.  The best part is that these women (and men) eat more food and more carbs than they did before and the weight comes off naturally.  AND their new daily routines are sustainable and feel good.

If you want to figure out your current metabolism level and the right action plan to heal your metabolism so you can lose weight the right way, check out what you should do next!

What you should do next …

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Betsy Markle.  I’m a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Living a busy life with 3 kids and a passionate career, I understand the importance of realistic nutrition, exercise, and balanced living.

Women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. My passion is to empower women to create a healthy lifestyle that they love and can stick with forever.

Here at Sunshine Wellness, we are proud to help women lose weight effortlessly, overcome cravings, and revive energy so they can heal their metabolism, ditch the diet mentality, and love their bodies.

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