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I’m going to spill the beans…

It’s time for a heart to heart ❤️

As always, I am going to keep it real and only share information and inspiration that can impact your life (forever).

First of all, do you want to know the #1 reason people come to us?
It’s because people feel out of control… Out of control with their cravings and nutrition, their daily habits, and their health.

I know this feels scary.  Most people hyperfocus on all that is going wrong and endlessly search for a solution but end up feeling more confused and overwhelmed each day.  

Next, do you want to know why most people cannot stick with a health plan?
It’s because they are either looking in the wrong place or they are not truly ready.

If you tried keto diet or IF and it initially worked but it was hard to sustain and you ended up gaining back the weight, then it is obviously not the answer for you.  Yet so many people keep returning to tough diets and exercise routines hoping that it will be different this time, but we all know the true end result…

They are not sustainable.  They are not personalized.  And they damage your metabolism more with each attempt. You would think most people are 100% ready to lose weight, but I beg to differ. Deep down, we know that with every diet attempt, you gain back the weight. 

So why continue down this path?  Why not learn how to heal the metabolism so you can lose weight the right way?  Why?… Because most people are afraid (afraid of failure).  They are scared that they won’t be successful with real lifestyle changes.  They think the unknown is way scarier than actually doing it.  And it feels safer to stick with old “diet” patterns and mentality that feel more familiar.

So, if you’ve tried and failed time and time again to gain control of your health and deep inside, you know you need help… We are here for you. All you have to do is schedule a chat with us.

The Metabolism Mastery Call is for you if you… You are excited to identify and solve the root issues that are keeping you stuck. You want to get out of your head and gain control of your nutrition and daily patterns. You are ready to stop doing all the things that don’t work and learn how to heal your metabolism so that you can stop struggling with your weight (once and for all).
I’m serious about supporting you! 🙂

Before I finally gained control of my life and my daily patterns, I have to admit… I was a bit of a disaster too.   

My schedule was back-to-back with work, kids, school, sports, parties, etc.  It was non-stop.

😫 I rushed to get the kids out of the house.  I rushed to meetings.  I rushed to get dinner on the table. It was hard to stay organized and I felt fried at the end of a long day.

🙃 At this time in my life, I know I self-medicated with too much sweets and alcohol.  I felt wired but tired.  My gut was acting up and I constantly struggled with bloat and constipation. And worst of all, I felt like a failure.

Looking back, it’s obvious that my life was not balanced, and I was sabotaging my health but when you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the big picture and get out of these unhealthy cycles.

I don’t remember the day that changed it all.  Maybe it was a particular book or something that someone told me??  All I remember is that my life immediately shifted in the right direction.  

You must be thinking… What’s the game changer?? It’s quite simple. 
All I had to do is shift my mindset.
You see – I used to have an excuse for everything. I’m late because my schedule is too full. I’m too busy to meditate.  Who has time for that?
One day, I realized that I am the creator of my life.  My new motto was NO EXCUSES.

👍  I didn’t want to rush anymore and be late.  I realized that I had a choice, so I set boundaries, and I rearranged my schedule to free up more time.

👍  Since my health was my priority, I let go of unimportant things and made more time for my health.  At this point in my life, that’s when I became a yoga instructor and got faithful with my meditation practice.

👍  And I was sick of feeling overwhelmed so I read books and took a course to help organize my life. Now I am proud to say that I am an organized dork. I hope you realize, my friends, that you get to create the life you want.

Every day is a gift!  Don’t waste another day with regrets. Let’s take advantage and enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

If you are struggling and feel alone, I hope you reach out for a free call.  Together, we’ll dive in and figure what’s working, what’s not, and come up with a realistic plan to reach your goals so you can create the life you want.

What you should do next …

Register for my Nutrition Class: 3 Realistic Solutions to Rev Your Metabolism so you can Drop Weight Naturally Without Deprivation. And after class, you will receive a gift (My Favorite Balanced Breakfast Recipe Book). I recommend you register early; spaces are limited! 

Sign-up for my 3-Day Eating Reset: Tame your sugar cravings without feeling deprived. You will receive my step-by-step guide to stabilize your blood sugar with a done-for-you menu plan, simple recipes, and shopping list.

Schedule a FREE Metabolism Mastery Call: This is a no pressure phone conversation with our health coaches.  Let’s dive into your specific challenges and goals to figure out what next steps are best for you.


About the Author

Hello, I’m Betsy Markle.  I’m a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Living a busy life with 3 kids and a passionate career, I understand the importance of realistic nutrition, exercise, and balanced living.

Women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. My passion is to empower women to create a healthy lifestyle that they love and can stick with forever.

Here at Sunshine Wellness, we are proud to help women lose weight effortlessly, overcome cravings, and revive energy so they can heal their metabolism, ditch the diet mentality, and love their bodies.

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