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Intermittent Fasting Stats (for women)

I usually write all the nutrition and health articles, but this one is from Stacy, my business partner.  She is a brilliant trainer and health coach and her brain works quite differently than mine.  Stacy loves science and stats and she is going to blow your mind with this information about Intermittent Fasting (specifically for women).

Are you a women that has tried intermittent fasting?

Many of our female clients come to us and report that they tried intermittent fasting because
their husband, son or male trainer suggested it to help them lose weight.

These women often express their frustration because when they fasted, they didn’t see the
scale budge (maybe they even gained belly fat), they started to feel irritable, have brain fog and
feel anxious.

“Why is he seeing all these results and I actually feel and look worse? Am I doing something wrong?”

So why does intermittent fasting seem to work great for men while it doesn’t work for most women? Read on for the science…

Research on fasting and caloric restriction started in the 1930s. This was a time of economic
hardship and war. For economic reasons, scientists wanted to see what effects restricted food
would have on human health. It is important to note, as was common practice (and still is),
only male subjects were used in these studies because females are a more “complicated”
organism than males.

What benefits have been seen with fasting (and calorie reduction) in males?

  • Increased telomere length (shorter telomeres are a marker for aging)
  • Increased autophagy (clean-up of cellular debris in the body, making way for new, healthier cells)
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Lowered risk for diabetes
  • Lower LDL and triglyceride levels
  • Lowered levels of oxidative stress
  • Improved memory
  • Reduced body fat stores
  • Increased fertility
  • Increased parasympathetic response (a feeling of calm; the “rest and digest” system)

When looking at these results, it’s no wonder so many men are recommending fasting to the
women in their lives!

But…to quote Dr. Stacy Sims, PhD. “Women are NOT small men.”

Luckily, newer research has studied the effects of intermittent fasting on women.

A big factor in how women respond to fasting has to do with how they respond to kisspeptin (a
neuropeptide that is downregulated in women during low nutrient situations such as IF and
ketogenic diets).

Here’s a list of what women can expect with intermittent fasting:

  • Increase in abdominal fat
  • Decreased fertility
  • Slowing of thyroid function
  • Decreased metabolic rate
  • Increased sympathetic response (feelings of stress; the fight, flight or freeze system)
  • Increased oxidative stress (which can lead to fatigue, memory loss or brain fog, joint
    pain, and headaches and unstable blood sugar)
  • Increase in negative mood state
  • Decreased reproductive function
  • No shift in LDL or triglyceride levels
  • Obese, pre-diabetic women saw an increase in their blood sugar

These effects from fasting become even greater in exercising women!  WOW😳

However, exercising without fasting produces the opposite effects (improvements in all markers). 


So, if you are a woman who is trying to intermittent fast and you weren’t seeing results (or stopped seeing results soon after starting), you weren’t “doing it wrong.”

Plain and simple – Women benefit from eating at regular intervals!

This is what we teach, preach, and live by. 

➡️  We help our clients to fuel their metabolism so they can lose weight the right way.   

➡️  We teach a meal schedule that stabilizes the blood sugar, which prevents cravings.   

➡️ We teach them the right foods to optimize their metabolism in the right portions and balance. 

When eating a balanced diet evenly through the day, this reduces stress in the body which allows natural weight loss, as well as improved energy and clarity. 

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Betsy Markle.  I’m a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Living a busy life with 3 kids and a passionate career, I understand the importance of realistic nutrition, exercise, and balanced living.

Women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. My passion is to empower women to create a healthy lifestyle that they love and can stick with forever.

Here at Sunshine Wellness, we are proud to help women lose weight effortlessly, overcome cravings, and revive energy so they can heal their metabolism, ditch the diet mentality, and love their bodies.

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