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Easy Plan Ahead Snacks

Most of us struggle with planning ahead on a regular basis, especially when it comes to nutrition. We are on top of our kid’s sports obligations. We are reliable with work commitments. So why can’t we stay on top of our daily nutrition needs?It’s not rocket science and in fact, we are predictable creatures… Our […]

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BEST BRANDS out there… (breads, bars, yogurts, dressings, etc)

So many people do not realize how much flipping nutrition content I have on my website. After 20 years+ of listening to clients, I post what people want… simple recipes, clarifying nutrition research, and easy-to-use charts. Today, I picked the Best of the Best (Products): Best Breads: Instead of saying NO to all Gluten and Bread, let’s get picky […]

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Step-by-Step Menu Planning

There are so many cookie cutter diets and menu plans out there.  Most are extreme.  Some are for building muscle, detoxing, weight loss, heart disease, and many of them are not even healthy.  So, what is right for YOU? The more important question is… How do you create a menu plan that is personalized for YOU (your […]

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Pre-Party Snack

If you are the social type (eating out with fiends and dinner parties), all I have for you is two words (or 2.5 words): Pre-Party Snack.  If you eat a healthy balanced snack before you leave for the party or event, I personally guarantee that you will make better decisions!   The term “Pre-Party Snack” or […]

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I am a Nutritionist. This is my typical menu plan.

Ever wonder what a nutritionist eats? I wrote a similar article before that got a great response. Since my life is always changing, thought I’d share my newest staple meals and ideas. Just to give you some background…I have 3 kids (7, 11 and 14) that play sports so that alone keeps me BUSY.  I […]

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My Favorite 7-Day Sample Menu Plan

My clients come to me to help heal their metabolism. It’s usually a long journey and they always beg me for a menu. “Just tell me what to eat!” Well, you are in luck because I am going to share with you my favorite Realistic 7 Day Menu Plan. I don’t like to brag but […]

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Best Pastas

Pasta is always a family favorite.  Unfortunately, most pastas are super processed enriched with white flour and filled with gluten. This can cause inflammation, bloating and major fatigue. When searching for pasta, I make sure it has healthy and made from clean ingredients. Here are some of my favorite gluten free pasta brands: Ancient Harvest  […]

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Healthy Mayonnaise Options

One of my favorite condiments to put on a sandwich is mayonnaise. It’s hard to find a good quality mayonnaise that isn’t packed with tons of inflammatory inducing ingredients, like soybean oil, sugar, and EDTA. Quality Brands: Primal Kitchen Vegan and Paleo options Clean ingredients Cons: has mixed reviews, most people write that it’s delicious […]

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Best Salad Dressings at the Store

Lots of people try to be healthier by eating more salads but then they ruin it by adding crappy dressing.  And believe me…90% of the dressings sold at stores are unhealthy.  Many contain cheap oils, too much sugar, and yucky additives.  After in depth research and listening to my client’s preferences, I have found the […]

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Best Kind Bars (5 Grams of Sugar or Less)

During the busy day, you may need something quick to hold you over.  Kind Bars are readily available at most supermarkets.  Not all Kind Bars are created equal.   I’ve dome the research and here are the Kind Bars lowest in sugar (5 grams or less) and do not have soy. Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Nuts […]

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