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Best Pastas

Pasta is always a family favorite.  Unfortunately, most pastas are super processed enriched with white flour and filled with gluten. This can cause inflammation, bloating and major fatigue. When searching for pasta, I make sure it has healthy and made from clean ingredients. Here are some of my favorite gluten free pasta brands:

Ancient Harvest 

  • Many pasta flour options: quinoa, lentil, corn
  • Ingredients that are clean and promote optimal health
  • Lentil pasta has about 25 grams of plant-based protein


  • 2x the protein compared to regular pasta
  • 4x the fiber
  • Lower in carbs


  • Brown rice flour
  • Good protein content (5 grams)


  • Brown rice and bran which helps with satiety


  • Super simple to make
  • Zucchini is spiralized with a Veggetti
  • Can use 50/50 zucchini to any of the other pastas listed ratio.
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