Easy Plan Ahead Snacks

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Easy Plan Ahead Snacks

Most of us struggle with planning ahead on a regular basis, especially when it comes to nutrition.

  • We are on top of our kid’s sports obligations.
  • We are reliable with work commitments.

So why can’t we stay on top of our daily nutrition needs?
It’s not rocket science and in fact, we are predictable creatures… Our metabolism needs fuel evenly throughout the day (every day). 
If our metabolism is not fueled properly, we may feel tired, anxious, and suffer from foggy brain and bad cravings.

So let’s make nutrition a priority!  
To be realistic, let’s focus on simple snack ideas to fuel your metabolism.

  • If you are running errands, bring a water and a packable snack (like a bar).
  • If you work in an office all day, keep your office stocked with simple non-perishable snacks.
  • If you are working out, make sure to refuel post-workout with a balanced snack.

When you consistently plan ahead and if you have balanced snacks readily available, you will be golden.

For a list of my favorite snacks, check out this link.

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