Rate yourself: Is your life balanced

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Rate yourself: Is your life balanced?

I can’t speak for you, but I am so blessed to know my purpose in life.  How do I know?… Because it feels so natural and it brings me true joy.

My purpose is to bring more BALANCE to everyone’s lives, leading to more health and happiness.

My husband calls me “Balanced Betsy”. When looking at any situation, my brain automatically balances it.

  • Work/family/home:  I don’t know about you but sitting in front of a desk for 8 hours drains me more than manual labor.  How do you find balance at home and find time for your health if you are tapped out from work?  
  • Meal Schedule:  So many of my clients eat the majority of their food in the second part of the day.  “I’m just not hungry in the morning”.  “Sometimes I skip lunch because I’m too busy”.  One of the key steps to rev your metabolism is a balanced meal schedule, especially if you workout!
  • Balanced meals and snacks:  With all the crazy diets out there, it’s becoming “normal” to skip carbs or bump up protein and fat.  Working with an endocrinologist for so long has taught me that balancing each and every meal is critical when stabilizing your hormones and healing your metabolism.
  • Balanced exercise: When at the gym, I see so many people hitting it hard (intense cardio and strength).  In our society, that is an accomplishment, right?  If your workouts are too intense and not balanced, they may actually sabotage your metabolism.
  • Weekdays/Weekends:  Work hard all week… Live for the weekends.  No alcohol all week… binge drink.  Alarm clock all week… Sleeeeeep in on the weekends.  These fluctuations are a big reason why all my clients have adrenal issues and struggle with weight.

A big question to ask yourself is…
Is your life UNBALANCED?
Start to pay attention if your life swings to extremes.  
If you struggle with motivation and consistency, it’s usually related to imbalanced habits.

I’m not going to lie…
Finding the right balance for YOU is not easy and it’s always changing.  For instance, summer is around the corner and your schedule may shift with kids out of school or vacations.  If you need help finding better balance so you can achieve a higher level of health and happiness, I hope you reach out for a free consultation.

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