BEST BRANDS out there... (breads, bars, yogurts, dressings, etc)

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BEST BRANDS out there… (breads, bars, yogurts, dressings, etc)

So many people do not realize how much flipping nutrition content I have on my website. After 20 years+ of listening to clients, I post what people want… simple recipes, clarifying nutrition research, and easy-to-use charts.

Today, I picked the Best of the Best (Products):

  • Best Breads: Instead of saying NO to all Gluten and Bread, let’s get picky and find the best tasting breads that are still healthy to eat in moderation.
  • Best Store Bought Salad Dressings: At the supermarket, you will probably see over 100 brands of salad dressings and 95% are bad for you.  Here are my favorites that are healthy.
  • Best Low-Sugar Greek Yogurt: Most of us know that yogurts are usually filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Here are the two best options I found.
  • Best Bars: Throughout the years, this has been my most popular post. Checkout my chart evaluating over 20 store bought protein bars.
  • Best Protein Powders: Too many options out there and so many of them are actually bad for you (inflammatory).  I picked my 5 favorite types of protein powder, including best brands.

As a health coach, my goal is to make your life better (more simplified/organized, healthier, happier).  Hope you take advantage of my research and enjoy some new products. 

And if you need help with the big picture (balanced living with proper nutrition, balanced exercise, and calming your adrenals), we are here to help.

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