My Top 3 Ways to Spark Motivation and Maintain it!

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My Top 3 Ways to Spark Motivation and Maintain it!

Do you find yourself struggling with motivation and consistency? Just so you know… This is such a common problem! ALL of our Metabolism Mojo clients struggled with these key concepts when first starting with us.

Common Examples:

  • You cut out all sweets for a week and then… You treat yourself to candy after a stressful day and then you CAN’T stop.
  • You finally minimize your daily wine and then… You have a tough week of work, indulge, and give up.
  • You commit to daily workouts and then… Life gets ultra busy, you skip 3 days in a row, and give up.

Since everyone is different and there could be 1000 possible solutions, I am going to keep it simple and share with you MY TOP 3 WAYS TO MAINTAIN MOTIVATION AND CONSISTENCY:

1.  I like to be organized.  Staying organized and clutter free relieves stress and makes me happy.  There are two distinct areas of life that I want to touch on:

  • In the Kitchen: Since I am an organized dork, I follow a 4-week rotating menu for my family.  I shop once a week online (to save time and energy).  With a realistic menu plan and recipes, as well as a stocked kitchen, it’s simple to stay on track.   
  • My Schedule: Personally, I make sure my schedule is not jammed pack with too many responsibilities.  If I am too busy, it feels exhausting and definitely NOT motivating.  

2.  I associate healthy foods and healthy habits with feeling amazing.  This is a BIG one!  Start to notice how you feel when you eat and drink (good and bad).  When I am off track, I pay close attention to how that makes me feel (bloated, sluggish, foggy brain, and unmotivated).  When I am on track, I feel light, energized, clear headed, happy, and motivated.   For me, this amazing feeling is addicting and motivating!

3.  I strive for balance.  Simply put, if I am too “on track” (eat too clean, never miss a day of exercise, skip alcohol for a whole month, anal retentive about organization), it gets old and it’s hard to stay consistent.  It feels more like a diet than a healthy lifestyle.  If I am truly craving something, like pizza or apple pie, I think it’s smart to give in from time to time.  And I thoroughly enjoy it!

~ Do you feel confident with your daily routine? 
~ Does it include organization?
~ Does it feel balanced and motivating?
~ Are you in tune with your body?

If you answered NO to most of these questions BUT you are ready to make your health a priority, Click here to schedule a free consultation. 📞

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