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Is it helpful to Count Calories?

My client just asked me last night… “I still need to count calories on your program, right? Everyone knows that Calories in = Calories out.”

She is a long-term dieter. She continually researches every diet plan out there and has tried tons.  This is the only science that makes sense to her so she keeps coming back to it.  

Unfortunately, it’s not working for her. She came to me for a reason… She is fed up with this unhealthy and frustrating cycle and she is finally ready to quit dieting and HEAL her metabolism.

YAYYY 💥 This is the AHA moment when I know someone is ready to work with me.

So let me ask you this…
Why would she start counting calories again since it has not worked in her past 20 years of dieting? So many people revert back to old comfortable patterns when the future is scary or unknown.  I totally get it, but I hope this article clarifies your future options. 

Wait!  I am not against calorie counting completely! 
To simplify things, there are 2 groups of people:

  1. People who have a Healthy Metabolism.  This group is mostly young healthy people.  Some men are in this category because they have a simpler hormone system than women.  
  2. People who have a Damaged Metabolism.  Most Americans fit into this group… Menopausal women, Anyone who has dieted a lot, Overworked/stressed individuals, People who are exhausted and don’t feel well, Individuals on medications.  

So, Calorie Counting for group #1 actually works!  When you have a healthy thriving metabolism, the old equation works! Calories In = Calories Out.  

But don’t get too excited.  Here is a very common path from a Healthy Metabolism to a Damaged Metabolism.

  1. In the beginning, calorie restricted diets work (but they are tough to maintain)
  2. After a few diets, the weight starts to plateau.
  3. After years of dieting and stress, calorie deprivation no longer works and in fact, many dieters will tell you that calorie restricted diets will start to pack weight on.

So how do you heal your metabolism and drop weight without calorie counting?

I am happy to help figure out the best path for YOU. Click here to schedule a free consultation so we can dive in. 

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