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Top 5 Protein Powders

Clients are always asking me what protein powder they should use.  Seems like an easy question but unfortunately, most protein powders are unhealthy.  I’ve written articles about this topic in the past but I want to provide you with up to date information and options.

Read the ingredients

  • What is the protein source?  Soy…NO good.  Whey is ok but if you have GI issues or problems with your metabolism, I would not use whey.  The better choices are vegan based (pea, rice, hemp, seeds, gluten-free grains) and bone broth protein.  The only problem is that many of these healthier protein powders have issues with taste and texture.
  • Monitor sugar and artificial sweeteners.  These unhealthy ingredients are very popular in protein powder.

Betsy’s Top Protein Powders

  1. Daily Sustain (Chocolate or Berry) This is the protein powder that I carry.  I have searched high and low and this one is my favorite by far.  Most of my clients have experimented with endless protein powders and they prefer the taste and texture of mine too.  Daily Sustain is a mix of pea and rice protein with fruits and greens added, vitamins/minerals, and a dash of stevia for sweetness.  Here is my favorite Daily Sustain Smoothie Recipes!
  2. Raw Organic Protein (Garden of Life): Love the ingredients in this protein powder.  It comes from a wide variety of vegan protein sources (pea, rice and other gluten-free grains and seeds).  It’s sweetened with stevia and also contains a probiotic and enzyme blend.  They have many variations of this product (vanilla, chocolate, unflavored-without stevia, w/greens, Fit and Meal versions).  All in all, I believe this is a quality product but it’s taste has mixed reviews.
  3. Vega One Shake (Vega): This protein powder is a mix of pea and seed protein as well as veggies/greens and a small dose of probiotic. It’s sweetness comes from inulin and dried fruit complex. Vega carries many flavors and variations, like Sport, Clean and Greens protein.  Vega One seems like the most complete combination.  Overall, Vega One has quality ingredients but similar to Garden of Life, it’s taste has mixed reviews.
  4. Bone Broth Protein (Ancient Harvest):  Bone broth protein is obviously not vegan but it has been shown to have many health benefits, like improving joint pain and gut issues.  There are other bone broth protein companies out there but this is the one with the fewest ingredients.  Ancient Harvest has many flavors but many people complain that it’s chalky.
  5. SoTru Vegan Protein Shake: This one is not as popular but I like the ingredients.  Protein comes from organic gluten-free grains and medicinal mushrooms.  It also contains fermented fruits and vegetables and digestive blend.  Since it’s newer, I don’t have as much feedback.  It seems that most people like the taste but it is on the chalky side.

There are many more quality protein powders out there.  I picked the most popular brands sold at stores and online.  If you have a favorite that I did not list, I am happy to check it out for you.

Smoothie Guidelines: 

  • Just like dinner, try to balance your smoothies too with protein, complex carbs and add greens.  Don’t be scared of greens.  Literally, I add a whole salad to my smoothies and you cannot taste any veggies.
  • Don’t go overboard with sugar.  1-2 servings of fruit is plenty of sugar!  No need to add juice or milk.  Better liquids are unsweetened almond or coconut milk or water.
  • Drink your smoothie out of an insulated cup and it will stay icy all day long.  When I work long hours with clients, I always make a double batch of smoothie and sip out of my insulated cup all day.

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