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Pre-Party Snack

If you are the social type (eating out with fiends and dinner parties), all I have for you is two words (or 2.5 words): Pre-Party Snack.  If you eat a healthy balanced snack before you leave for the party or event, I personally guarantee that you will make better decisions!  

The term “Pre-Party Snack” or “Pre-Game Snack” can be applied to a bunch of scenarios:

  • You are going out to dinner… Do NOT leave the house hungry.  By the time you travel there, order and get your food, you will be hangry.  We all know it gets ugly when you get hangry.
  • You are exercising… It is mandatory that you eat a snack within an hour of exercise.  You will have sustained energy and then will be controlled the rest of the day.
  • You are excited to watch a big football game… Most likely there will be lots of typical cheesy apps and beer available.  Just consume a small balanced snack pre-game, and you will be astounded by your better choices.
  • At work, lunch is catered (probably with unhealthy food)… If you think ahead and eat a pre-party snack, I bet you will pick and choose the right choices.
This is what happens when you go to a party hungry.

5 Easy “Pre-Party Snack” Ideas: 

  1. I always have bars readily available in my purse and car. My favorite bars are Raw Rev Glo (easiest to order online) and these are the best Kind Bar flavors (5 grams of sugar).
  2. Most days, I make a smoothie first thing in the morning and save for a snack later in the day when I may struggle.
  3. 1/2 apple + 1-2 Tbsp nut butter
  4. 1/3 cup hummus + veggies + few rice crackers 
  5. Small plate of leftover dinner

All this planning ahead comes back to the big picture… If you have a steady blood sugar through the day, you will feel your best, be in control and optimize your metabolism.  This is what my philosophy and all my programs revolve around.  If you are interested in learning more about my programs (online and personalized), I am happy to offer a free consultation. Just fill out my nutrition questionnaire and then we will be in touch to schedule you in my calendar.

PS: If you enjoy my realistic information and balanced approach, you are welcome to join my Metabolism Mojo Facebook Group.  It’s a supportive community where you can find lots of healthy recipes and I will post a wellness challenges every week to keep you on track.

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