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Step-by-Step Menu Planning

There are so many cookie-cutter diets and menu plans out there.  Most are extreme.  Some are for building muscle, detoxing, weight loss, heart disease, and many of them are not even healthy.  
So, what is right for YOU?

The more important question is… How do you create a menu plan that is personalized for YOU (your needs and goals and preferences)? 

As a Registered Dietitian, I create personalized menu plans every day.  I think I could do it in my sleep 😉

Let’s pretend you are my client.  This is my step-by-step approach to creating you a personalized menu plan:

  1. We figure out a realistic meal schedule to optimize your metabolism.  From waking to bedtime, it is essential to plot out meal and snack times evenly.  You know this is important because whenever you skip a meal, later on you feel hangry, anxious and then tired.
  2. We balance every meal and snack properly for a steady blood sugar and to eliminate cravings.  Instead of balancing macros for the whole day, I evaluate each and every meal and combine the right ratio of carbs and protein.  This equals sustained energy and control.
  3. Portions will be right for your current needs to drop weight permanently. I start you out with estimated portions (for your height, weight, age and activity). As you become in tune with your body, you learn how to adjust portions as your body and activity levels change. We do this through logging and intuitive eating.
  4. You learn what foods cause inflammation and slow down your metabolism.  Depending on your symptoms, we may need to eliminate inflammatory foods from the start.  Once your metabolism and immune system kick into gear, we add foods back strategically to determine food intolerances.
  5. Most importantly, your menu will be based on your preferences, so you’ll actually like to follow it.  No one wants to follow a strict egg white, chicken, and broccoli diet forever.  Let’s enjoy our meals and feel inspired in the kitchen.

Do you see how having personalized menu plans that fit your needs (and you enjoy) will keep you on track (physically and mentally) forever?
 If you want to start your year out right (physically and emotionally) and you’d like to learn more about my program, setup a free consultation with me, Betsy Markle.  We discuss what’s working, what’s not working, and come up with real solutions to optimize your metabolism.

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