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My New Year’s Resolution (Meditate for 365 straight days)

Five years ago, my new year’s resolution was to start meditating.  To be precise, my goal was to meditate every day for one year.

~~~ Did I accomplish my goal and meditate for 365 days straight? 
No, but I was faithful with my meditation practice 90% of the time and I am proud of that!

Here’s a little back story… Growing up, I had an awesome childhood BUT my family was always in a rush.  We rushed through dinner.  We power walked everywhere. We were early to every appointment. My childhood flew by. I believe this shaped some of my adult personality traits.  For instance, my sister and I like to be busy and I get sh*t done.  We are known for our never ending to-do list.  In fact, we keep adding new tasks just so we can cross another thing off.  

Accomplishing a lot of stuff is awesome BUT there are two areas I knew I needed to change.

  1. I could not sit still and chill.  I felt uncomfortable with stillness. 
  2. I felt guilty for relaxing for more than 10 minutes. 

I was always telling myself… “There’s just too much that needs to be done.”
This is why I started meditating.  I wanted to break these unhealthy thoughts and feelings.  Deep down, I knew they were making me unhappy.

So, let’s fast forward to now.
Has there been a miraculous change… No.
It’s hard to explain how meditation has changed me.  To sum it up simply… I am happier 😊

At first, I thought it was bogus, mainly because I sucked at it.  My mind was all over the place. And if I am being honest with you, some days I still suck at it.  But some days, it’s awesome. 

The important part is that I am consistent. 
I want to keep meditating because I feel lighter, calmer, more joyous, more patient, and balanced.

This is why I added meditation to my program.  Most of my clients start out clueless but they soon realize that meditation is an essential tool in their health transformation. 

If you want to start your year out right (mind, body, spirit) and you’d like to learn more about my program, setup a free consultation.  👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 click here!

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