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Do you find yourself rebelling after a healthy week?

So many people seem to veer to extremes.  Do you? Can you relate?…

  • The obvious one is yo-yo dieting or following an extreme diet plan, like keto.
  • Exercising hard but not fueling properly.
  • Maybe you work too much and it’s hard for you to squeeze in quality family time and self care.
  • Going to sleep late and waking up groggy, needing coffee to survive.

I want to assure you that we all struggle finding balance in our lives. 
Here are two struggles that I have personally worked through:

  1. I am on a local dragon boat team and I love it.  I love being on the water, I love the sport, and most of all, I love my teammates.   Many of my teammates are trying out for the USA team.  My instinct is to try out too.  Why not?  I am fit, I love the sport and I’ve always thrived on competition.  The old Betsy would automatically go for it.  But now, I have taught myself to pause and evaluate the big picture first.   At this stage of my life, I want to stay focused on my kids (who are growing up way too fast) and my career (because it is my life purpose).  Of course, I am so proud of my teammates, but my life could not handle this training commitment right now. Maybe later 😉
  2. Since I am nutritionist, most people think I eat perfectly.  As you know, perfect is boring.  I’ve had perfect weeks before (no sugar, tons of veggies, healthy meals and loads of exercise).  Yes, it always felt good but you know what, those are the times I usually rebelled the most.  I would end up baking a batch of brownies or making specialty cocktails and indulging too much.  Through the years, I have learned that I do best with the 80/20 rule (80% on track and proud, 20% with small indulgences).

So, I have an important question for you…

Can you find your happy medium?

When you find the right balance for you (where you are in your life right now)…

It feels good.

It feels right. 

And it’s sustainable.

If you are floundering with life balance, have you ever considered a health coach to guide you?
I always offer a free (no pressure) consultation.  Here’s the link to checkout my availability

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