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Picky Eaters

I understand that this is a broad topic and there are so-o-o many obstacles that parents face at many stages in their child’s life. Below I touch on a few of the key problem areas and realistic solutions that will have a large impact on your child’s future. For the Picky Eaters: Wow, this is […]

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Healthy Holiday Family Plan

The holidays are a joyous time, however they can also contribute to unhealthy eating habits. It begins in October with the Halloween candy and never-ending sweets, followed by the rich holiday comfort foods. Come January, we attempt to enforce a strict New Year’s resolution, which finally results in a mental and physical rebellion – a […]

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Preparing For Pregnancy

Infertility is a huge problem these days. After talking to many women who are having trouble making a baby, I’d like to focus on preparing our bodies in a healthy way for pregnancy. Most people begin preparing their bodies for pregnancy after they conceive, but what they do not always realize is that the most […]

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How to be Healthy During Pregnancy

This month, I am writing about nutrition & pregnancy as a healthy reminder for my body, as well my friends who are going through this process. My husband and I are excited to announce that we are almost five months pregnant with our second baby! I’d like to take this opportunity to review nutrition basics […]

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School Lunch Standards

Improving school lunch programs is a popular topic these days and for good reason. Most public schools have given in to the big money maker companies and have scaled down food service costs by preparing fast processed foods. I asked a student what the typical lunch consists of and she said: fried nuggets, fried chips, […]

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