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Ladies Only: Natural Birth Control

Natural Birth Control

When young women start to become sexually active, many are automatically prescribed “the pill”.   Did you know this method is only 91% effective, according to Planned Parenthood.  Many women stay on birth control pills for a decade or more.  If you think about it, that is over ten years of taking artificial hormones that can damage your metabolism.  Well, it turns out there are natural options that will not cause negative side effects and are between 94%-100%! THAT’S RIGHT! Here are the three main ones I researched the most:

Smart Women’s Choice

This company has been around since 2015 and was founded by Dr. Francoise Farron. She created this product to give women the option to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant and without taking “The Pill.”  There are two kinds: regular and hypoallergenic. Here are the ingredients:

 Ingredients of the original Smart Women’s Choice:

Potassium palmate, potassium oleate, coconut oil, potassium castorate, potassium citrate and a touch of Lavender extract; it contains no hormones and no spermicides.

Ingredients of the new, hypoallergenic formula:

Water, glycerin, potassium oleate, potassium palmate, potassium castorate, potassium citrate, mono- and diglycerides. It contains no fragrance, no hormones and no spermicides.

The reviews look promising.   In fact, there is a 100% GUARANTEE of no pregnancy! That’s right, Dr. Farron states the product is more effective than even birth control pills.  Fun Fact: for the four years of being a company, they stated not a single pregnancy occurred.  That’s a much better track record than the IUD that did not work for me.

“Well, how do I use it?”

  1. Squeeze the gel/cream 1 inch on your middle finger
  2. Insert the gel/cream inside your vagina before having sex every time. The movement of your partner will move the gel/cream into the right spot to prevent pregnancy
  3. Rinse the pelvic area with water. DO NOT DOUCHE.


Here are two machines that also work well as contraceptive:

Lady Comp

Ladies, this little machine is a serious game changer in the arena of birth control. With a 99.3% effectiveness! The creators of the lady comp have been around for many years. When used correctly, (take your temperature RIGHT WHEN YOU WAKE UP when the alarm goes off) there is a very high chance of not getting pregnant (unless you are aiming for pregnancy, then do the opposite haha). This device has the ability to show your menstrual cycle, your ovulating days, and your infertile days.


The Daysy is a cute and discrete thermometer shaped machine. Like the Lady Comp, it is also 99.3% effective. It has the same exact goal like the Lady Comp. The only 2 differences is, the price is $330 compared to $500 for the Lady Comp. The Daysy needs to be plugged into your cell phone and downloaded to get your data (menstrual cycle, ovulation, and infertile days), unlike the Lady Comp that has all that information in the machine.

“Can my insurance cover either of them?”

Contact your health insurance and they might be able to. Make sure you say its a machine that is used as a natural way for birth control. You may need to get a doctors note but I would ask your insurance and the Daysy or Lady Comp company.

“Well, how do I use it?”

After following the directions to set up your device, it should be ready for the first day! Set your alarm (Lady Comp offers one for you, the Daysy does not have an alarm set for you). Take your temperature immediately when you wake up. It will start to track your temperature shifts through out your cycles and start to know your fertile and infertile windows. It is important to be consist with it and take it at least 2 hours before or after the first time you took your temperature (e.g. first day you take it at 6:30am, the next day you can have a gap between 4:30am-8:30am to either wake up earlier or sleep in!).


Before jumping onboard with any of these recommendations I have shared with you ladies, I suggest doing your own in depth research and finding the best option that suits you.

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