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Does it feel impossible to rev your metabolism because of your picky family?

Gain control of your health and say…

NO to making multiple dinners every night!  Say NO to too much takeout!

“What’s for dinner mom?”
You are trying to be healthy.  Your husband wants meat and potatoes.  Your kids want mac and cheese.
Sometimes it easier to throw in the towel and get takeout.

As a mom of 3, I definitely understand this frustrating situation!  BUT you can’t give up.  Every time you give in and make two separate meals or order takeout, you are setting yourself (and your family) up for failure. 

If your kids or mate talks you into a different (unhealthy) meal, what happens?
Sooner or later, it will drain you of your energy and motivation to eat and be healthy.  You will feel alone and frustrated and most likely, you will give up.  Also, your family is losing too… they may not know they want to be healthy now but sooner or later, they will thank you.

If you give in to takeout, what happens?
No matter how healthy you try to be when eating out, we all know there are many hidden inflammatory ingredients that damage your metabolism.  Notice the difference… How do you feel when eating a healthy meal at home vs. takeout?  That bloated, sluggish feeling is inflammation.  I’m not saying takeout and eating out are off limits but in order to optimize your metabolism, your focus needs to stay on menu planning.

So how do you solve this family food struggle that is killing your metabolism?
There is a way to optimize your metabolism while creating a family food plan that everyone enjoys!

You need to have a strategy that helps your metabolism, is realistic for you and what your body needs, AND also something the family will say YES to.  It’s simpler than you think.  You just need a strategic plan! 

3-Step Process: Learn the essentials to build family meals and rev your metabolism at the same time:

  1. Organization + Personalization is the key! There is no set menu plan that will be the answer. Menu planning is always a work in progress. With all my clients, we are always trying out recipes, adjusting menu plans and filing it away in their organizer.
  2. Keep it simple! You don’t need fancy recipes with 15+ ingredients. The best recipes that you will stick with are easy. Some of my personal staple recipes are made in the crockpot or instant pot in under 10 min.
  3. Be consistent! You don’t need to plan dinner every night and you don’t need to be super healthy every day. Consistency is more important.

If you need more support and need help creating the perfect family friendly meals plans, you are welcome to setup a free strategy call with me, Betsy Markle RD. 📞

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