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Probiotics and Your Health

Clinical Research:

According to the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, research has shown probiotics to be helpful in the treatment of many GI issues, poor immune systems, decrease the risk of cancer, and can reduce bad cholesterol.  As you can see, probiotics are great for your gut and overall health! They go into your GI tract and keep your stomach in tip top shape.

Clinical Experience:

I have had the awesome opportunity to help thousands of people.  From my experience, probiotics have been the most beneficial supplement to improve bowels, GI function and boost the immune system.  Hands down, probiotics are my favorite supplement for myself and most of my clients.  You can find probiotics in various foods, like yogurt and fermented foods (kombucha, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut).  These foods can be helpful with a million or so good bacteria but they are no comparison to a quality probiotic supplement with billions of good bacteria and multiple strains.

I carry two products:

  1. My basic maintenance probiotic:  This is ideal for the general population (without significant GI issues).  It contains 8 billion bacteria of the two most common strains.  It is a perfect maintenance dose and it is affordable.  If you take one a day, it lasts 4 months.  Make sure to store in a cool place.
  2. My IBS probiotic:  This is ideal for anyone displaying irritable bowel symptoms. It contains 60 billion bacteria of the most common strains to help heal the lower GI/colon.   This is pricier but it works magic for some of my clients.  Once symptoms are minimized, you can transition to the maintenance probiotic.  Again, make sure to store in a cool place.



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