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What are your Core Values?

Instead of setting unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions and health goals, identifying your Core Values is way more helpful!  If you follow through with this exercise, I guarantee you will see more results!

Have you ever asked yourself…What are your core values?  It’s an important question that deserves some serious thought.  Take your time and write down your core values in order.  Then post it somewhere that you will see daily, like your bathroom mirror.

Just to give you some examples, here are my core values in order:

  1. My health (I always believe your own health should be #1 because you cannot take care of your family, work, or enjoy life if you don’t have your health.)
  2. My family
  3. My work/helping others
  4. Having fun
  5. Organized home
  6. Spiritual growth

Now that you have identified your list (in order), now it is time to live by those core values.  So many of us struggle with this.  For instance, many of my clients get caught up in work (on a regular basis).  When they consistently work late, they are exhausted when they get home and have minimal time or energy for exercise and dinner prep.  This is a common pattern I see because they are not living by their core values.  Another example is getting wrapped up in facebook, emails or the news.  This takes away precious time to spend with your family or time to dedicate to yourself.  I bet no one added spending more time on their phone or computer as one of their core values.

So to sum it up…Take your time and jot down your core values in order, post it somewhere you can see regularly and most importantly, make sure your daily decisions and habits align with your core values.

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