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Splenda vs. Stevia

 At restaurants, you’ll notice Splenda packet are readily available, as well as at the Supermarket.  Is Splenda a good alternative to sugar?  My quick answer is No.

Splenda is an artificial sweetener made in a laboratory. The “sugar” used in Splenda is called sucralose, which is not a real sugar. Studies show that when cooking with Splenda it can release toxic compounds, which can increase the risk for many chronic diseases (e.g. cancer). Since Splenda is no bueno, what is a healthier low sugar alternative?

My go-to sugar replacement is Stevia. Stevia is naturally derived from a plant called stevia rebaudiana.  People with type-2 diabetes can safely consume this sugar replacement because it does not spike insulin in the blood.

Even though Stevia is natural, it is still super sweet and should be consumed in moderation.  Sugar replacements trick your body into releasing insulin which causes sugar cravings. Whenever helping my clients with their sweet tooth, I always work to reduce sweets and sugar alternatives.

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