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Alcohol or Sweet Cravings at Night?

cravings3Do you have alcohol or sweet cravings, especially at night?  You are not alone – most of my clients struggle with this too.  Here’s a typical scenario: You are trying to eat healthy throughout the day and then something takes over your body after dinner.  You know you are not hungry but you NEED a cocktail or something sweet to make you happy.  Sound familiar?  In order to eliminate these cravings and gain control, we need to explore why you are struggling (you may relate to one or all the reasons). And of course, I have lots of solutions that truly work.

ARE YOU TRULY ADDICTED TO SUGAR?  Sugar is more addictive than most illegal drugs!  If you crave sweet and lack control, then you need to minimize sugar in your diet.  It may be tough for 4-5 days but after it is out of your system, you will have better willpower.

  • Make sure you read labels for sugar grams.  As a general rule of thumb, aim for 5 grams or less (optimally zero).  If a product tastes sweet but has no sugar, artificial sweeteners have probably been added. These sweeteners will spark up more cravings so definitely avoid.
  • DETOX! Every single person who has completed my 9 Day Detox Program says that their craving were eliminated completely.  The new year is always a good time for a healthy detox.

ARE YOU BORED?  Many of us snack on bad things or indulge in a bottle of wine at night out of habit.  Maybe you are bored or unhappy and it might bring you temporary happiness. If this is the case for you, change up your routine.

  • Change up your routine at that tough time.  Here are some ideas: take a walk, start an evening yoga class, sign-up for a creative class, play a game, or call a friend.
  • Many people are just dehydrated.  Make a pretend cocktail with seltzer and a fresh fruit wedge or drink herbal tea.
  • Other ideas are to chew gum and brush your teeth early.

ARE YOU STRESSED AND NEED AN EVENING REWARD?  Many of us are overwhelmed with family and/or work.  At the end of a hard day, we feel like we need a cocktail or a treat.  Try some of the guidelines above to change up your routine but you really need to work on the root of the problem, Stress Management.

  • Create more balance in your life. If your job is hectic, take a mini break/walk away from your computer every 2 hours. If you are overwhelmed at home, schedule in time for yourself regularly.
  • Incorporate consistent yoga and meditation into your life.  It will make a world of difference.

IS YOUR MEAL SCHEDULE SPORADIC?  So many people skip breakfast and don’t fuel their metabolism till later in the day.  These people tend to be hungrier at the end of the day.

  • Create a healthy schedule to boost your metabolism and eliminate cravings.  Aim to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and eat a balanced breakfast within 1 hour of waking. Here are some of my favorite breakfasts. Aim for small frequent meals.
  • Make sure your dinner is balanced with protein, small portion of complex carbs and lots of veggies.  If you skip carbs at dinner and throughout your day, you will crave sweets or alcohol at night.
  • If your dinner is too early, you may need a healthy balanced snack before bedtime.






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