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Betsy’s 10 Day Wellness Challenge

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I understand that most people want to lose some weight but the bottom line is that you need to make healthy lifestyle changes in order to see real results.  Therefore instead of focusing on a weight loss challenge, my 10 Day Wellness Challenge is the real deal.

10 is the Magic Number:

  • 10 Days
  • 10 Goals
  • Just do your best to follow the 10 goals for the 10 days!

Your 10 GOALS:

  1. Eat Brk (within 1 hr of waking)
  2. Fit in at least one healthy snack (in addition to your meals)
  3. 8+ cups water/day
  4. Eliminate breads and processed carbs (like crackers and chips)
  5. Eat lots of veggies (aim for 6+ servings/day)
  6. No alcohol
  7. 1 or less cups coffee/day (minimal sugar)
  8. No sweets (including sweet drinks)
  9. Exercise for at least 30 min everyday
  10. 7+ hours of sleep/night

I understand that it may be impossible for you to reach all these goals everyday so just do your best.  My suggestion is to treat yourself to something special (non-food related, like a massage) if your reach 80% of your goals.

10 Day Wellness Challenge: Print and use this form to keep track of your progress.  There are 100 boxes to be checked off on the chart so aim for at least 80 check marks (80% score).

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