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Most Common Meal Planning Mistake

I have worked with TONS of clients one-on-one.  We dive into their nutrition, daily habits and patterns. If I had to pick one mistake that most of my clients make, it’s quite obvious…They do not balance their meals.

Here’s the problem:

  • Lots of people balance their dinners but they do not balance the rest of their meals.
  • Nobody thinks about balancing their snacks.
  • Some people use apps to log and balance out their macros (carbs, protein, fat) for the day.  However balancing every meal is way different than balancing the day.
  • Some people think it’s best to reduce carbs as the day progresses.

Here’s the TRUTH:
I have worked with an endocrinologist for over 20 years.  I have learned that our metabolism is Complex, with a capital C.  “Calories in = Calories Out” does not even begin to define our metabolism.  Instead, it is way more important to steady your blood sugar and hormones through balanced nutrition (small frequent balanced meals).

When menu planning for clients, I strive to plot out their day evenly from waking to bedtime.  At every meal and snack, I try to balance with quality/complex carbs, protein, healthy fat and veggies.  When balanced properly, carbs are absorbed super slow and blood sugar is stable.  If clients truly follow my menu plan, they always feel more sustained energy and less cravings.  Basically, the metabolism is being fueled and optimized.

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