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What to Have for Lunch

Pack Your Lunch Tips and Ideas

I am sure many parents are happy that school is back in session. However, that adds one more chore to our list:  Pack Lunch. For children and adults, packing a lunch and snacks is a crucial step for the ongoing pursuit of good health. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started.healthy lunches

Lunch Box Tips:

  • Purchase the right equipment: You may need an insulated bag for cool foods and possibly a thermos for warm foods and drinks. Buy a variety of baggies and some new Tupperware with compartments, so you can serve a wide range of food with various fixings and without the sogginess. For instance, use a two compartment container for carrots and celery with ranch dressing.
  • Let your child be involved in lunch box preparation: First step is to let your child pick out their own special lunch box or bag. When food shopping and packing their lunch, give them choices so they are involved. Kids are less likely to throw away a meal that they helped create.
  • Try finger foods: Many kids would rather nibble on various finger foods instead of a typical lunch.   Examples: cubes of cheese, ham, mini carrots, mini crackers, baby tomatoes, sugar snap peas, veggie chips, edamame beans, etc.
  • Switch up sandwiches: For younger kids, try using a cookie cutter for fun shaped sandwiches. For children and adults, utilize different kinds of bread (whole wheat, oat, rice, cinnamon, flax), pitas, and tortilla wraps.
  • Experiment with different salads: If your child is not up for green salads, most kids like potato or pasta/grain salads.

Lunch Box Ideas (Shopping List)

  • Fresh chopped veggies (carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers)
  • Dips and dressings (peanut butter, healthier ranch, hummus, spinach dip)
  • Homemade healthy muffins and homemade bars
  • Grain salads (wild rice, cous cous, quinoa)
  • Pasta, potato, or bean salad
  • Trail mix with nuts & fruit or nuts & popcorn
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Diced cheese or cheese sticks
  • Kiddie sized yogurt with granola
  • Sandwich pitas and wraps
  • Homemade smoothies in shakable container
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