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Weight Loss Carbohydrate Portions

How many carbs are we supposed to eat?  It is a tricky question!  Here are two opposite ends of the spectrum:

If you eat too many carbs or lots of processed carbs…

  • Your insulin level will slowly increase causing weight gain.
  • You may have continual cravings for sweets and processed carbs.
  • Other symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, and GI problems.

If you consume a low carb diet…

  • Sooner or later, your cortisol levels will increase causing weight gain around the midsection.
  • You may display symptoms, like anxiety, racing heart beat, unstable energy, and sleep problems.

So do you get it now?  Too little and too many carbohydrates can equal unwanted weight gain.  The proper Quantity + Quality of carbs is the answer!  Everyone’s carbohydrate needs may be slightly different depending on your activity level, health goals, and size.  On average when I help an average size woman who desperately wants to drop weight, I usually recommend approximately 15-20 grams of quality carbs at each mini meal (4-5 meals/day).  Below is a helpful handout that I use with my clients.


Carbs 101


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