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How to Plan a Healthy Vacation (with a Simple Checklist)

I think we are all familiar with this scenario:

So excited for vacay!…  You cram in work and packing and then you are ready to hit it hard…  You play hard, drink lots, and eat too much…  Vacation isn’t as much fun when you are bloated and tired…  When you get home, you need another vacation just to recoup. 

Guess what?  You can have the best of both worlds (fun and feel good)!  You just need to be smart and plan ahead.  Here are some simple tips:

  • Plan to incorporate lots of activity every day.  You may have to explore options and book ahead of time.
  • Obviously, you will be eating out more but try not to eat out every meal.  Instead, make a list of staple snacks and meals that you want to keep handy. 
  • Short trip?  Pack non-perishable snacks, like healthy bars, nuts, seeds, and trail mix.
  • Longer trip?  Shop when you get there for your staple snacks and meals.
  • Keeping snacks handy will help you make controlled decisions when eating out.
  • Be more mindful about water – stay hydrated!  I always bring my insulated water cup/lid.
  • Make smart drinking choices – limit sugar!  Here are some cleaner alcoholic drink choices.

Stay safe and enjoy all your summer plans!

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