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How Much Caffeine is Too Much?

It seems like a simple topic, but “coffee and caffeine” can be a controversial and sometimes a touchy topic with some people. As a Registered Dietitian who has helped many people detox their body of caffeine, I have seen them struggle emotionally and physically. In this newsletter, my intention is to provide you with some common and surprising statistics about coffee and my unbiased recommendations.

Why do you drink coffee?coffee

First it’s important to address why people drink coffee and why some people can’t miss a day. Coffee/caffeine is obviously addictive causing a daily need, but there are more reasons for this habit. Can you identify your reason(s)?

  • “It’s the one thing that gets me out of bed… my warm cup of coffee in the morning.”
  • “My morning coffee helps me go to the bathroom and keep me regular.”
  • “I do a lot of business/school work in coffee shops so it’s part of my life.”
  • “My energy is low in the morning or afternoon and I need a pick-me-up.”

Once you have identified why you drink coffee, now try to figure out if your reason(s) relate back to a true addiction and/or just a daily habit.

Surprising Coffee Side Effects

When consuming coffee/caffeine in excess, the side effects can be pretty extreme on the body.  Read about more caffeine side effects in greater depth.

  • Coffee and caffeine create extra stress (adrenal fatigue) on your body and accelerated aging.
  • Coffee and caffeine cause severe blood sugar swings contributing to weight gain and mood disorders.
  • Coffee and caffeine impair digestion and cause acid imbalance.
  • Coffee causes essential mineral depletion.

In addition to these well known side effects from drinking coffee in excess, I have heard some pretty unusual side effects from just small bits of caffeine. Many people who have cleansed themselves on my Detox Program and were surprised how their bodies responded.

  • “It’s amazing that my sleep is so much better from just eliminating one cup of coffee in the morning.”
  • “I no longer drink coffee but if I have any caffeine now, it affects my hearing. I experience ringing/echoing in my ears.”
  • “My acid reflux condition is healed with the elimination of coffee.”
  • “Now that I am off coffee, I wake up with more energy. It’s funny because I used to drink coffee to give me energy in the mornings.”
  • “I no longer drink coffee but if I have any caffeine now, I develop a sore throat.”
My Recommendations & Beginner Detox Program (including coffee)

I understand that giving up coffee is too extreme for some people. As a realistic nutritionist, I have come up with my own coffee/caffeine guidelines.

  1. I recommend only one cup (8 oz) of coffee or less daily.
  2. I strongly discourage energy drinks, diet soda and soda. Between their caffeine content and added chemicals/poisons, they are a double whammy on our body.

If anyone is interested in giving up coffee/caffeine and other toxic components in their diet, My 9 Day Natural Detox Program is a perfect plan with easy to implement resources. However, many people have expressed interest in my Detox Program but were not willing to give up coffee and were looking for a very mild Detox Program with more protein. Well, I’ve been listening. I have recently designed a Beginner Detox Program! See more details below in the coupon section.

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