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Yoga Benefits

Yoga benefitsI am certified to teach yoga and I love practicing it, but I have to admit that I am in the beginning of my spiritual path. This article comes from a normal person (or at least I like to think I am normal) who is becoming enlightened from yoga and wants to share its benefits with you.

As a nutritionist who focuses on hormonal balance, I see how my client’s health is closely related to their adrenal function and stress hormones. Stressed and burned out adrenal glands have a large impact on metabolism, energy, moods, sleep, and brain clarity.

Adrenal fatigue & high cortisol levels = Inability to lose weight around the midsection.
Most people who want to drop the belly fat focus on cardiovascular activities, but yoga is actually a better answer. Yoga is a great way to counterbalance the adrenal fatigue that is related to a hectic lifestyle filled with stress. If you’d like to learn more about your adrenal status,check out our Adrenal Stress Testing options or call our office for more info, (609)849-2222.

I bet most people don’t understand why yoga was developed and its true purpose. We all know that yoga is a great workout for gaining flexibility and strength. However, yoga was designed to make the body feel healthy and comfortable in order to have a successful meditation practice. The overall desired outcome is happiness and peace through everlasting oneness with the world. With this peace, there is an end to the habitual activity and chatter of the mind. From my experience, most people who dislike yoga are the ones who need it the most to help calm down the mind.

Benefits of Yoga (Mind-Body Practice)
Good nutrition and exercise goes hand in hand for a healthy mind and body. Yoga is a mind-body practice which combines physical postures and movements, breathing exercises and meditation to increase relaxation and balance the mind and body. Some of the many benefits of practicing yoga include:

  • Release stress and tension
  • Increase flexibility suppleness and vital energy
  • Increase strength, endurance & stamina
  • Relieve pain and soreness
  • Bring the systems of the body into balance
  • Increase blood and lymph flow
  • Release emotional blocks
  • Therapy for common injuries and ailments
  • Heal the connection between mind and body
  • Deep relaxation

Which Yoga Style for You?
If you are a newcomer to yoga, picking the right style and instructor may seem overwhelming. Since there are many styles of yoga, it is important to find the style that best suits your wellness needs and interests. Yoga styles range from meditative and relaxing, to rigorous and athletic. You can experiment with the various types that are offered at your local gym or yoga studio. If this sounds overwhelming to you, I would recommend meeting with a personalized instructor who is experienced in many areas of yoga. They many even combine some pilates and personal training components to your session.

From my experiences with many types of yoga instructors, I have a few favorites in Santa Barbara that I’d like to share with you. They both have over 20 years experience, have affordable rates, and offer free consultations!

Mary Chang, Yoga Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer
Mary is one of the most versatile instructors that I know because she has the most vigorous fitness yoga class in town and she is also amazing at utilizing yoga and exercise as a therapeutic activity to heal the body and mind. She can show you how to incorporate simple practices into your daily routine to improve your physical well-being in your first session.

Dana Karpain, Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Dana personalizes his yoga instructional classes by incorporating your interests and needs. He encourages you to invite a friend or family member to share the cost and experience. I personally enjoy Dana’s relaxing and meditative yoga style that always makes me feel energized.

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