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Simple Way to Fight off Colds

soups and teaIt’s nearly impossible to get together with any of my friends and their families now because someone is always sick.   I really hate the dreaded cold and flu season.   I have one simple word for you to prevent or treat the cold…FLUIDS.

  • Obviously, drink lots of water (herbal teas count too).  Definitely drink more than the recommended 8 cups to keep hydrated, detox your body and boost immunity.
  • Minimize caffeinated beverages, like coffee, sodas and energy drinks.
  • Smoothies are a great way to get in more fluids.  Shakes with berries and spinach (you can’t taste it) are great ways to add in antioxidants.  Here are some excellent smoothie making basics.
  • Soups are another great way to get in more fluids.  Avoid creamy soups because they can worsen congestion.  Butternut Squash and White Bean Soup has lots of antioxidants.


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