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Coffee or Tea

With the cold weather and hectic holidays, many of us turn to caffeinated or warm beverages for comfort and fast energy.  When comparing coffee to tea, it is obvious that tea’s benefits outweigh coffee but there are still many pro’s and con’s to both.  Compared to many sodas, juices and sports drinks, tea and coffee are healthier and more natural alternatives.  However, be careful what you add to your drinks – it makes all the difference.



  • For most people, the caffeine in coffee provides a feeling of alertness and stimulates the GI tract helping with regular BM’s.
  • Medium ground (not fine ground) coffee is the most beneficial.
  • Light roast contain the most antioxidants and least carcinogens.


  • It is highly acidic which irritates the digestive tract, lowers immune function, and causes essential mineral depletion.  Milk added to coffee increases the acidity.
  • It can create extra stress (adrenal fatigue) on your body which may contribute to blood sugar swings, weight gain, and moodiness.
  •  It stains the teeth.
  •  Many people consume coffee with added sugars and sweeteners.  Artificially flavored creamers are the worst!
  • Some research shows that it increases cholesterol.
  • Learn more about How Much Coffee is Too Much.



  • Similar to coffee (but in lower doses), tea provides a feeling of alertness and stimulates the GI tract helping with regular BM’s.
  • Green tea contains ECGC which promote fat burning properties.
  • Green tea contains power antioxidants, but white tea blends actually contain a more concentrated amount.
  • Tea is much less acidic than coffee.
  • Tea (non-black tea) contains fluoride which protects teeth.


  • Adding milk to tea reduces cancer fighting affects.
  • Tea contains large amounts of Tanin which can reduce absorption of iron.
  • Some cheap teas add dies to the tea bag which may contain carcinogens.  Drinking free leaf tea is the best option.
  • Black tea blends can yellow the teeth.
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