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Does your weight tend to fluctuate day to day (with NO real reason)?

Have you ever worked really hard to slim down for a vacation? 
During vacay, you let loose and indulge in too much food and alcohol (we all do!).
Instead of gaining a pound or two, you look at the scale at home, and you gained 5-10 pounds!
Can you relate?

Why do you think this happens?
Do you think it’s because you consumed 35,000 extra calories on vacation?… I highly doubt that is the reason!  

I know the answer!
And it is quite simple.  It is only 2 words… Damaged Metabolism!

If your metabolism is damaged, your body is not working in synergy:

  • Maybe your digestion is off.
  • Maybe your liver is working too hard.
  • Maybe your hormones are unstable.

When your bodily systems are not working well, it is easy to hold on to water weight, inflammation, and pack on pounds.  That is why your weight may fluctuate day to day.
Make sense?

On the flip side…If you have a healthy thriving metabolism,

  • Your weight will stay stable (no big fluctuations).
  • If you go on vacation and blow your diet, you may gain 1-2 pounds max.
  • If you are off track for a longer period, it’s easy to revive your metabolism and shed the weight naturally.

So, the real question should be… How do you heal your metabolism?
I have 3 clear cut answers for you:

  1. Stop dieting!  If you are always trying a new diet or program to drop weight, deep down, you got to know that it is not the solution. Nutrition extremes will only damage your metabolism!
  2. Stop weighing yourself every day!  Instead of weighing yourself daily, switch to once a month or less. Get out of your head and start to pay closer attention to how you feel.
  3. Follow a nutrition system that is sustainable and feels good. 

Obviously, I just touched on the solution.  If you would like to learn more about how to rev your metabolism, I am offering you a free training:
Learn 3 surprising shifts to gain control of your health + lose weight naturally without sabotaging your metabolism.
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PS: On my free FB Group (Metabolism MOJO), I am always posting new recipes, strategies and challenges to boost your metabolism.  Come check it out:)

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