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Are you in tune with your body?

Your body is giving you cues and talking to you all the time. 
Are you listening or are you ignoring?

Truly think about it…
Here are 4 common scenarios.  Maybe you can relate:

  • In the afternoons around 3/4:00, you tend to feel sleepy.  Do you just work through it with a cup of coffee?  OR have you taken the time to figure out why?  Maybe you need an afternoon snack, more water, or a balanced lunch.
  • During your workouts, one of your body parts starts to hurt.  It’s a minor issue so do you continue to exercise and power through it (today and for the future) OR do you listen to your body and adapt (maybe stretch, massage and switch up your routine)?
  • Most mornings are rushed (wake up, get ready and dive into the day).  Do you trudge along every morning OR do you create a morning routine that you actually enjoy?
  • You’ve been on track with your nutrition all day and you are proud.  Then evening comes and you can’t control yourself.  Do you give in day after day and lose motivation OR do investigate and figure out why you are swaying off track?

If you are the person who tend to ignore these signals, it means you are not in tune with your body.  All these symptoms that you ignore or power through are sabotaging your metabolism! ❤️‍🩹
The good news is that life does not have to be so hard and taxing on the body.
It is never too late to be kind to yourself.
3-Steps to create a better body-mind connection:

  1. Stop!   Next time your body is sending you a cue, don’t ignore it or power through it.  Instead, stop what you are doing. 
  2. Take a breath + be in the moment.   Next, take a deep breath and notice what’s happening.  Pay attention to how you feel. 
  3. Become a private investigator.  Be proactive!   Try to figure out what caused this body reaction.  If it’s an ongoing symptom and hard to figure out, start a daily log.  Document possible causes, reactions, and solutions.

If this last step is hard for you, you may need help. 

It’s essential to have confidence in your wellness path so you can investigate properly and solve problems quickly.  If you are floundering with your path and need help, I am happy to offer you a free strategy session.  Click here to schedule. 📞📞📞

Remember, we are only given this one body. 
Let’s take care of it. 
Let’s listen to it.
And let’s enjoy the journey.

PS: On my free FB Group (weight loss support for women who are done with dieting!), I am always posting new recipes, strategies and challenges to boost your metabolism.  Come check it out 🌞

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