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Do you ever see yourself in photos and not recognize yourself?

Warning: This is a sensitive topic and may bring up some emotion.

Question for you…
Do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror or photos?
Do you ever see yourself in pictures and not recognize yourself?

Most of my clients struggle with weight, sometimes for 20 year or more.  During these ups and downs (and always ending back at their highest weight), my clients tell me they don’t even recognize themselves in photos anymore.  And because of this, they avoid family pictures or hide in the back.

When you look at a picture or look in the mirror and hate what you see, how does that make you feel?

  • Maybe… sad, frustrated, insecure

When you feel this way, what does it drive you to do?

  • Some people… emotional eat. 
  • Other people… give up on their healthy plan.
  • And some… just power through it (with stress and unhappiness)

Where does this lead you?

  • Almost always, it leads you right to the beginning (you don’t like what you see in the photo and now you are even more sensitive about it).
  • Years of this cycle can lead to serious health problems, major depression, and morphed dieting views.

So, how do we stop this unhealthy cycle that feels like sh*t?  It all starts in the mind!  Here are 2 of my favorite steps for you to get out this funk:  

  1. Focus on the GOOD:  Stop what you are doing right now and think of 20 things about your body that you are grateful for.  You see… If you always focus on what you don’t like, you will never shift in the right direction.
  2. Create a new POSITIVE affirmation:  Every time you look in the mirror and think something negative, STOP (identify that you just went to the dark side).  Next, you need to wash this thought away and pick a new thought that feels good.  I help my clients every day with this project.  As a coach, I am very particular with creating this affirmation.  It needs to be believable and resonate well with YOU.

Obviously, a positive mindset needs to be coupled with positive action.  If you are doing an extreme diet and feel deprived and out of control, it’s going to be really hard to shift your mindset!  You need to have complete faith in your wellness journey.  If you are struggling with this part, please reach out!  I am here for you.  Click here to schedule a free call with me, Betsy Markle RD. 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽

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Encouraging HUGS to all of you!

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