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Best Tortillas and Wraps

Have you read the ingredients for your favorite flour tortilla?  I bet you that you will NOT be impressed.  Here is a picture of Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas.  Some of the nasty ingredients include shortening, hydrogenated soybean oil and tons of preservatives!

I’ve researched some whole grain and gluten free tortillas, here are some better ones.  If you like any favorite tortillas, please let me know so I can research more brands.

Quality Whole Grain Tortilla Wraps:

  • Ezekial Sprouted Grain Tortillas
  • 365 Brand Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas

Gluten Free Options:

  • Rudi’s Gluten Free Tortillas
  • B Free Wraps (GF)
  • Corn Tortillas (Read ingredients and find authentic corn tortillas made with ground corn, lime, salt and minimal preservatives.  I find that corn tortillas break less when baked at 350 for a minute or so.)
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