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Best Health Apps for iPhone

There are TONS of apps available for iPhones, ipads, and other devices but it is hard to find ones that truly assist you through your wellness journey.  Most diet related apps focus solely on calories which is not useful in my mind (see my Nutrition Philosophy to understand why). After lots of research, we have found the top health apps that provide useful nutrition and fitness tools that will make your life easier and healthier.  And they are free!

#1.  Fooducate: Easily scan barcodes on your phone of food products and Fooducate rates them based on a A-F grading scale. Foods are given a points value, and explanations are provided to explain their rating.  If a food item is not available, Fooducate will add the product for you shortly. Healthy product alternatives are provided with the highest ratings in that category to help you make better choices.

  • Betsy’s Notes: This well rounded tool provides good nutrition advice by evaluating the quality of ingredients instead of just calorie and fat levels. This app is like having a nutritionist with you when you go food shopping.


#2.  iMapMyRun: Using a GPS monitoring system, this application tracks your pace, mph, route taken, and also calls out the time at each mile during different workouts. Choose from hundreds of different activities, enter personal information, and receive individualized results during the activity.  There is a basic nutrition section that tracks calories and can provide you with nutrition reminders, like when to drink water and your post-workout snack.

  • Betsy’s Notes: This app may help you stay motivated throughout your workouts just like a personal trainer.

#3.  Locavore: This app searches for local farmers markets around your area by using a GPS system. This application also describes what fruits and vegetables are in season and provides wonderful recipes to utilize seasonal produce.  Click here for more Farmers Market Tips.

  • Betsy’s Notes: Eat healthier by eating fresh seasonal produce and support your local Farmers Markets by utilizing this helpful locator and resource guide.

#4. Restaurant Nutrition (by Foundation HealthCare Network): Users can look up nutrition information from over 100 popular restaurant chains and over 15,000 food items. You can also journal your eating habits to track your food items, calories, and other nutritional information.

  • Betsy’s Notes: If you eat out a lot, this app can be a useful tool and eye opener.  The only bummer is that it does not provide ingredient lists for the food items.  Click here for more fast food restaurant menu options.
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