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Unique Nutrition Philosophy

NO MORE CALORIE COUNTING! Most people seek my services because they want to lose weight. This is a wonderful goal to work toward, especially since being overweight is a precursor to many different types of chronic ailments. However, my goal is to go one step further and determine explanations for why your metabolism has slowed and your health has deteriorated.

Do you recognize the phrase “healing from the inside out”? I strongly believe that this is the answer to regaining balance  and maintaining good health. If you are able to heal your metabolism, you will no longer need to diet or count calories in order to maintain a healthy weight.

In order to do this, four main factors must be addressed: detoxification, digestion, hormonal balance and pH Balance.


Simply put, detoxification entails removing toxic substances from the body. We are exposed to so many toxins these days, especially in the food and beverages we consume. If your diet is filled with lots of sugar, unhealthy fats and chemicals, your metabolism will slow down and your health will suffer.  Research is linking body toxicity to fatigue, infertility, cancer, headaches, skin conditions and much more.  Sunshine Solution:  I promote a clean diet and my recipes are made from natural ingredients.  We also offer my natural detox programs that have been proven to boost the metabolism.


There are many factors that contribute to poor digestion. These include 1) food allergies/intolerances, 2) build-up of bad bacteria in the digestive tract, and 3) improper functioning of the digestive system (example – Leaky Gut Syndrome). If you are not digesting your food properly, you are not absorbing or metabolizing crucial nutrients your body needs to perform well and stay healthy.  Sunshine Solution: Most of my recipes are free of common food intolerances, like gluten, dairy and soy.  In general, I promote small frequent meals for better absorption as well as some wonderful healing GI supplements.

Hormonal Balance

Maintaining hormonal balance is important for women and men. This is difficult to accomplish when your diet is filled with chemicals, hormones, steroids, antibiotics and soy.  Also, if your blood sugar is up and down through the day due to your dietary habits, your hormones and metabolism will suffer. Hormonal disturbances can cause a myriad of health problems, including inability to lose weight, slow metabolism, adrenal fatigue, sleep disturbances, and infertility.  Sunshine Solution: I promote a clean diet with minimal soy, a strong estrogen booster.  We always recommend balanced mini-meals through the day to yield a stable blood sugar and hormones. Timing of meals is essential.

PH Balance

This may be a new concept to many people, but it is well known and researched in the health community. A healthy alkaline diet (with tons of vegetables) helps prevent and fight disease, most particularly Cancer. A poor diet filled with acid forming foods can slow down your body’s systems by weakening the immune system, slowing metabolism and ultimately causing low energy and poor health.  Sunshine Solution: I have a tendency to recommend meal ideas and recipes bulked up with vegetables.  When menu planning, I always promote alkaline food choices.


The important thing to note is that all of these factors are related and contribute to one another, ultimately affecting your metabolism and thus your ability to maintain a healthy weight and prevent disease. If you are suffering in any or all four of these areas, the simplest way to regain balance is to eliminate toxins from the body and follow a diet with small balanced meals throughout the day.

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