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3 Foods that Trigger Inflammation

The word inflammation comes up a lot! 🔥

People who reach out to me usually want to drop weight, but they also have some level of inflammation that is affecting their day-to-day life.

Not only does this inflammation feel crappy but it is also halting all progress when trying to heal your metabolism.👎🏽👎🏽

– Common signs of inflammation include…

  • General aches and pains Joint pain/stiffness (arthritis) 🤕
  • Abdominal pain and bloat 🎈
  • Skin rashes ♨️
  • Fatigue 💤
  • Headaches 😣
  • Autoimmune flare-ups 🧯

Want to know the 3 most common food triggers for inflammation?

1.  SUGAR 🍭
In one week, I once had four clients tell me that their significant joint pain went away (almost completely) once they minimized sugar in their diet.  There is a clear connection between sugar and joint pain!

2.  GLUTEN 🥐
For most of my clients who show multiple signs of inflammation, it’s a no brainer that they eliminate gluten for a set period of time and then together, we evaluate the body’s response when adding it back.

Guess what?!?… The results are astounding!  For at least 50% of my clients, their pain and symptoms are gone (yes – gone)!  Whether it’s acid reflux they could never heal or pain in their left thumb that always bothered them, we found out that gluten is a definite trigger for many people.

3. DAIRY 🧀

Dairy (cow dairy) is highly linked to gluten.  So, if you notice remarkable improvements off of gluten, you probably have an inflammatory response to dairy as well.  And even though our society claims dairy is “healthy”, there are sooo many reasons why I would never recommend cow’s milk.  Learn more about Milk Dangers here.

Don’t stop reading yet – we haven’t addressed the most important part. 

These 3 food triggers are almost always accompanied by one more thing…  

It’s STRESS. 🛎️🛎️🛎️

Stress in any form (ie: work stress, family drama, poor sleep, too much coffee, no down time, skipping meals, monkey brain, etc) will always activate your immune system exacerbating your inflammatory symptoms.

Without the stress, most people can handle an unhealthy/inflammatory diet.  But once the stress hormones are activated, that’s when the aches and pains, GI issues and other symptoms start to flare.

Let’s spell it out more clearly…


So this is the tough part…
Most people feel overwhelmed when trying to make too many changes at once.
~ Too much to learn.
~ Too much to monitor.
~ Too much to change.

So #1, take it slow.  Take it one step at a time.  Be patient and kind to yourself. 💓

And #2 – You may need help. 🙋‍♀️

Most people who try to do it all themselves tend to feel confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed which only leads to more stress and more symptoms.  To minimize inflammation and truly heal your metabolism, there are so-o-o-o many pieces to the puzzle and personalized variables.  If you are ready to optimize your metabolism and find a clear path to reach your health goals, click on this link to setup your free Metabolism Mastery Call. 📞

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