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Need to get back on track with your health?

Do you ever feel like the second you nail down your healthy habits and start to feel good, life shifts and then it feels impossible to stay on track⁉️
I want you to know that this happens to everyone. 🙋🏽‍♀️

It surely happens to me. 🙋🏽‍♀️ Just recently, my family had a two week vacation planned at the shore. 🏖️

It’s always a great trip because we stay in our family house that is walking distance to everything.  And we are surrounded by family and close friends.  

Another reason it’s one of my favorite trips is because I can usually maintain most of my healthy habits… I walk every day and do yoga.  I love the farmer’s market down the street. And I have a full kitchen.

We were all excited for the trip and I was ready.  Groceries were delivered to my doorstep, kids were already having fun, and the weather was beautiful!  

And then…
My family got Covid. 👎🏽

And then…
My husband’s mom passed away. 👎🏽

Life sure threw some curveballs at us.
We were physically and emotionally drained.  And since we had to stay longer, we crashed at a few homes while juggling family and work. To be honest – it was a shitshow. 💩

Of course, I was unable to stick to my healthy habits.
Of course, I got off track.

But I was so flipping excited to get back home and get back to my healthy groove.  
And the best part… Transitioning back was easy!

Want to know why it’s easy for some people and hard for others to get back on track with their nutrition and exercise?   I have 3 clear answers for you.  
It’s hard for most people to get back on track with their health because:

1. Most people don’t have a balanced routine that is sustainable.   If you find yourself trying lots of diets and always researching new programs, most likely your daily habits and routines are not sustainable (or fun).  Who wants to go back to a restrictive way of eating after a vacation?  Not me!    

2. Most people are not in tune with their body.     Do you know what foods feel nourishing for you?  And what exercises feel right for you?  Most people have no clue what daily habits actually boost or sabotage their metabolism.  With feelings of confusion and frustration, most people feel stuck and lose all motivation.  

3. Most people put too much stress on themselves.   Are you tough on yourself?  If you are always pushing yourself to exercise harder and be stricter with your diet, then you know this is no fun. It’s a tug-of-war of emotions that drains energy and motivation.

I am mentioning all of this because our program is the exact opposite.

✅ No stress!  

✅ No lifestyle extremes!

✅ No deprivation!

✅ No more confusion!

If you would like some 1:1 support or if you have questions, click here to schedule a FREE Metabolism Mastery Call with me or Stacy. 📞

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